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Hola book dragons! I welcome you to a new series of posts on our blog where I recommend books based on Pinterest "types of people" aesthetic posts. I recently came across these pins and was inspired to do this. Hope you guys enjoy them!

- W I N T E R   A E S T H E T I C -

~ fluffy socks, snow capped pines, listening to music under the covers, oversized jumpers, dark makeup, oreos dipped in milk by the fireplace, the smell of woodsmoke, overwhelming deep thoughts, dark fairytales ~

The Bear and the Nightingale 

     Set is a fantasy, wintry Russia, sprinkled with Russian folklore, and lyrical prose woven together into a story about a brave, bold girl in a world that wants her to be docile and lovely. If you love dark fantasies, eerie fairytale vibes, tenacious female protagonists and sibling love, this is for you.

- F A L L    A E S T H E T I C -

~ cinnamon candles, french literature and romantic tragedies, scribbled poems on desks, burnt orange and sienna, messy hair, theater in the evening, crunching leaves under boots, comfortable silences on long walks in the woods, dark thoughts in the deep of the night, ghost stories by the fireplace ~

If We Were Villains

     What’s more perfect to read for fall than a book about students at an elite art school? A story where they get pulled into a dark conflict with all the seven sins, secrets, and of course, muder. There's quite a bit of Shakespearean lit in the book along with classic poetry.

- S U M M E R    A E S T H E T I C -

~ strawberry lemonade, stargazing, radiant smiles, laughter at the beach, romantic at heart, indie music while walking down the road, Taylor Swift at parties, boho chic with a touch of greenery, sloppy kisses between sundaes, running with the dog, loyal to a fault ~

Carry On 

     Two disaster boys going from 'i hate you so much, I will kill you' to 'I love you so much, i will kill for you' while they battle dark mages and powers they don't understand. 10 points for the friendship and found family tropes, forbidden romance and putting a twist on the chosen one trope.

- S P R I N G    A E S T H E T I C -

~ daisy chains and juice boxes, wildflowers tucked inside notebooks and behind ears, flowy skirts and bare shoulders, chasing butterflies, kissing in the botanical garden, turning cartwheels, plays ukulele, coffee shops are home, kisses as soft as dandelions, flowers and vanilla scent ~

Love from A to Z

     A meet-cute at the airport + interracial romance has already got us all swooning. There is love, french fries, activism and all the representation. It seems like a lot for one little book but the author creates something wonderful with Adam's and Zayneb's lives.
Have you read these books? What type are you according to the aesthetic tags? Do you plan to read any of these?

Uma @books.bags.burgers  is a crazy albeit nice book dragon who when not decoding the human existence in secret labs, spends the day bemoaning her lack of pastel books and trying to make sure her TBR doesn't kill her overnight.

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  • Aamna Rehman

    This was very interesting to read. Thank you soo much! I personally think I am more of a winter aesthetic person…………but I enjoyed Carry On by Rainbow Rowell also.

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