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Hola book dragons! In this series of posts on our blog I recommend books based on Pinterest "types of people" aesthetic posts. I recently came across these pins and was inspired to do this. Hope you guys enjoy them!


~ love notes scribbled on the desk, musty smell of libraries, Shakespearean tragedies, long braids, smell of ice cream, a fresh meadow, between the sheets in winter, long coats and flannel ~

The Secret History

Follow six eccentric students through college, mayhem and murder while they study under a charismatic college professor. One of the most critically acclaimed dark academia books in Donna Tart's signature style, this book is a must read.



~ calculations scribbled on the back of the hand, Pythagorean theorems on the lips, glasses perched awkwardly on the nose, seeing the world in black and white, umrellas in the rain, crinkle of papers in the satchel ~

An Abundance of Katherines

A protagonist who is a prodigy but yearns to be a genius, who uses mathematical equations throughout the book. A boy who keeps being dumped by Katherines, on a mission to prove the theorem of his life wrong. If you like quirky characters, road trips and math, this is the book for you.



~ lab coats with colourful stains, large glasses, curiosity that drives, stacks of books, the sharp smell of chemicals, post it notes, measuring everything precisely, drawing anatomical forms, molecular formulas scribbled on desks ~

Kingdom of Needle and Bone

Although we recommend this book, it's probably best NOT TO READ IT NOW for it's eerily similar to the things going on in the world. It's about a fatal virus, a viral pandemic and what people do in the face of fear. The science is solid, the imagined story chilling. 



 ~ paint stains on the dress, dress with pockets for brushes, doodling in the margins, nature lovers, museums, smell of paint everywhere, ink and charcoal on fingertips, white papers everywhere, letting imagination run wild, smell of marshmallows roasting~


The story of a girl who just wants to learn art and go to the art school of her choice. A part Japanese teen trying to understand her life, learn about her culture and trying to handle her social anxiety. Throw in lovely Japanese culture, beautiful art and a sweet frienship, this book will make you laugh and cry and fill your heart.

Have you read these books? What type are you according to the aesthetic tags? Do you plan to read any of these?

Uma @books.bags.burgers  is a crazy albeit nice book dragon who when not decoding the human existence in secret labs, spends the day bemoaning her lack of pastel books and trying to make sure her TBR doesn't kill her overnight.

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