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Ninth House Readalong - Day #4

(Image Courtesy -Farha @theanatomyofabookworm )

Welcome back BnB fam! grab your copy of Ninth House, a cup of your favourite beverage and snuggle into your cozy blanket so we can get started with this discussion!

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for the chapters 17 to 22. So unless you’ve read them, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

Can we all appreciate the female friendships in Chapter 17? I loved the bonding between Alex and her roommates after the "incident".

THE SCENE IN TARA'S HOUSE! It was so intense. I really loved the scene when Alex lets in North to fight. And what the heavens was Lance doing there and where did he get the magic from? I honestly really am loving Turner right now. He's like the clueless guy but honestly a really nice person. I love how he's working with Alex and Dawes.

ALSO HELLIE'S STORY. It made me cry. It was so sad. I felt super bad for Hellie and I kind of hated that Darlington just thought Alex as a murderer and didn't know the full story about what happened to Hellie. I felt all that rage when Alex/Hellie killed those shitty guys and I personally want to stab them.



I second what Alex says about Sandow. I definitely suspect that dude. Something's fishy. Let's wait and see!!

-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

Let's rage about the injustice that happened to Hellie. Tell me who do you suspect of things now?

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  • Avika

    So I suspected Alex was behind the murders when she said to herself earlier that she has that in common with the Bridegroom. But that she can willfully allow possession of herself was a revelation!
    And that bringa us to two back stories – the Bridegrooms’s and Hellie’s – both so tragic. More mystery to the former, which I am itching to find out.
    Another big twist in the Alex-Darlington relationship, but I can’t believe that she wilfully let him go. I am still going with she froze, she was a novice.
    Dawes comes through again, and now so does Turner. Just Sandow is shady, or maybe it’s just guesswork. I don’t want Lethe to be corrupt.


    I like how the story is fast-paced when the narrative demands it and slow and revealing, peeling the layers of skin of an onion when the situations are intense. Leigh makes the readers uncomfortable, terrified and intensely sad in a gush of emotions in over 5 pages and she does it brilliantly. Hellie’s backstory, the night which we all couldn’t wait to know more about is a tragedy. Yale was a new start for Alex, we all knew that but I didn’t expect this. It is hard to come back from something like that. This is one of the primary elements that I miss in this book. We’ve seen Alex go through so much but yet Leigh never throws light on how she handles all these emotions; how does Alex bear her past; How does she lead a normal life; How does she sleep at night without having a glimpse of flashback as soon as she closes her eyes. I agree with all the writing decisions she made but this part should not have been missing.

    Darlington disappearing soon after he finds out about Alex and Alex not making an attempt to save him puts her under the wrong light.

    Turner and Alex are becoming more like Stevie and Larry from Truly Devious and I’m loving it. The incident at Tara’s place was full of adrenaline-rush and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
    Just cannot wait to read more.

  • Belinda Smith

    The morning after the incident… phew… tat was something!!!

    Darlington is a smart cookie!! He knew tat Alex was a murderer… he dint want to ask why she did it?! He knew how horrible her situation was!!! Why wouldn’t he ask?!
    He is hearing breathing!! It’s a portal – but not a portal?! What is happening?!!?!?!?! Why dint Alex try to save him!!! OMG!!! Poor Danny!! Noooooooooooooo…..

    Hellie!!!😭😭😭😭 All the girls are getting such harmful stories!!! I love her friendship with Alex… I almost cried when she lay next to Alex to wake her up!! I loved how it was Alex and Hellie who killed those awful guys!!!

    The mechanic was Lance?! Isn’t he a normal human being?? It wasn’t a portal? It’s Darlington all over again?! He is not the killer?! He is searching for answers?! Is he under someone’s control?? I need to know!!! He went back to the prison! Just like tat!! WHAT?!!!!

    Poor North!! He was used as one of the lab rats!!!😲😲😲😲 He and Daisy were so happy!! I am sad!!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 he dint deserve this!!!!

    North is definitely stronger in a sense…. Alex has the power to let herself be possessed…??? WOW!!!!

    Turner is this out-of-sorts guy who doesn’t wanna be dragged into all the mess but inevitably he is! So he tries to help somehow…. I like him!!!!

    Yes Alex!! Sandow is suspicious!!! Do not let it go by!!! I do not have enough information to jump to conclusions… very confused!!

  • Kulsum


    The more i know about Alex’s past the more my heart breaks for her and it makes me love and respect her even more!

    I was the biggest clown thinking this whole time that somehow Darlington will betray Alex, which he was intending to tho,untill that horrible incident ( i had tears in my eyes when I read his last lines damn it!)
    Alex was scared that she’ll lose everything if Darlington reported her so she made a quick choices but I’m glad she regrets it and that she wants him to be safe too

    All the murders she did were for revenge, to bring justice in her own way but when she didn’t help Darlington, it. Made her look so selfish and that momenthad me screaming “ALEX PLEASE NOO”

    I’m still going to keep hoping that Darlington is alive until we find his dead body. ( even after that I’ll probably tgrow that canon away lol)

    Have i mentioned how much i love the Dynamic between Alex & Turner and Alex & North enough?

    Speaking of whom What was THAT all about? Just when the story untangles a bit Leigh had to go and wrap it all up again oof

    I haven a feeling that whoever killed Tara (or get her killed) is also responsible for that portal-but-not-really thing and its probably not some collage kid, Maybe Dean or someone more powerful like him
    (for some reason I’m suspicious of belbalm?)

    The end is coming closer and closer and i don’t know how all these loose ends will tie together aahh!

  • Anupama C K

    These 6 chapters had answers to my most burning questions Alex’s backstory and Darlington’s disappearance. Hellie’s story was sad, why did she go back? I don’t understand. Len and his buddies deserved all they got. The moment when Alex couldn’t distinguish between Hellie and her ghost was sooo tragic.
    I’m hoping that Darlington is still alive. I don’t know if Alex would’ve helped him, if he didn’t know Hellie’s story. I mean I feel she didn’t have time to react.
    North’s story was confusing. Did someone possess him and make him kill Daisy?
    I’m glad that Turner seems helpful, I never expected that Lance had portal magic

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