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Ninth House Readalong - Day #6

(Image Courtesy -Uma @books.bags.burgers )

Welcome back BnB fam! grab your copy of Ninth House, a cup of your favourite beverage and snuggle into your cozy blanket so we can get started with this discussion!

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for the chapters 28 to 32. So unless you’ve read them, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

WELL WOW. Some things were super unexpected. But I'm proud to say I guessed some things. *victory dance*

SANDOW THAT DUMBASS FOOL. Decided to just kill a girl to get in the House's good books. I am so glad he got what's coming to him. HE LAID THE TRAP FOR DARLINGTON! 

BUT OMG BELBALM. I suspected her of something minor but didn't think she'd end up being the big, bad villain.

And to think she was Daisy! I feel so bad for poor North. He tried to protect her even after realizing all that she did which was kind of dumb to be honest. I couldn't believe she'd been killing and taking in others' souls to sustain herself. That scene where she was finally destroyed was so well written and supremely badass. Especially the last line of that chapter.

"She would have to act normal, pretend nothing had happened. But Alex knew that wouldn't be a problem. She'd been doing it her whole life"

I love how so many things cleared up. How New Haven was so filled with power and magic. what Alex and people like her were. Wheelwalkers. I can't wait to know more about how that works.

AND OF COURSE DARLINGTON. Gentleman demon. I hope they find him. I have a feeling when they do, he will be like a freaking badass but still good kind of demon. I legit can't wait to see what happens with his arc. And three badass in their own way females are going to walk into hell and get dear Darlington back. I AM EXCITED.

But also so nervous because going into hell? Alex is going to meet Len and Ariel and those absolutely pathetic excuse for a human being guys. And like North said, they are all quite mad at her.

-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

SO THOUGHTS??? What are you hoping to see in book two?

Uma @books.bags.burgers  is a crazy albeit nice book dragon who when not decoding the human existence in secret labs, spends the day bemoaning her lack of pastel books and trying to make sure her TBR doesn't kill her overnight.



  • Avika

    I remember thinking Alex should get the same plants as Belbalm because they have a calming effect on her! But it was the wards in the office. Since Alex so badly wanted Belbalm to be refuge, I just knew something would go wrong. But I really didn’t think beyond Colin. Daisy-Belbalm twist caught me completely unaware.
    I empathize with North, who spent centuries feeling guilty, angry and lost for who turned out to be the predator and not the victim. And in the end he still could not wrap his head around his sweet Daisy being anything but, when he tried to protect her. I hope he will find peace.
    Turns out it was a great thing that Alex didn’t correct Belbalm when she thought her name was Alexandra! Names have power, and how beautifully Alex turned her weakness into strength. Calling upon all the Grays was brilliant… But it has its consequences (worried how she will deal with the no longer Quiet ones – hopefully Dawes will come up with something).
    I was so disappointed with Sandow for corrupting Lethe, killing for money and power. But that is how it goes in the real world too isn’t it? We start out good, but somewhere along the way we lose our paths Maybe now Michelle will see they are indeed the protectors and knights that Alex, Dawes and Darlington believe Lethe to be.

    Darlington is alive, but a demon! Will he be unpredictable and dark, more like Alex? And I am wondering who did he kill – with the gentleman that he was probably his grandfather – euthanasia not murder (but that is a whole other debate).
    On the whole the book was a compelling work, keeping me guessing and on the edge of my seat. I loved the underlying theme of overcoming adversity and the very dark portrayal of magic.
    Looking forward to the next book, with a visit to hell slated it will definitely be more sinister.

  • Kulsum

    I ment BnB at the end not Baby lol 😂😂😂

  • Kulsum

    This was such an amazing experience! I loved every part of it.
    The end was so satisfying, I wonder who did Darlington kill to transform into Demon? His Grandfather maybe?
    This was my initial read, but I’m sure that I’ll find all the clues and foreshadowing that Leigh left throughout the book.

    Something that makes Ninth House so special is how realistic it was. Something that I really love about Leigh Bardugo is how she tackles with all kind of socialist issues without outright pointing at them,she make us see and feel and figured it out ourselves that “this is not just part of a fantasy book,this is real and it happens to millions of people around the world”
    There are so many layers to these characters and their stories, Leigh is such a queen.
    Thank you Baby.for this awesome read along! I really enjoyed these discussions and hope to part of the next ones! ✨

  • Anupama C K

    I had a feeling that we would see Darlington only in the second book, so the cliffhanger was manageable. I did suspect Sandow, but Belbam and Daisy that was unexpected. I loved the book to pieces, waiting for the next book


    So I will talk about my overall impressions of the book.
    The mystery, the wordplay, the curiosity that Leigh built right from the prologue held me on to this book just as North was held on to this side of the veil to find justice for himself and Daisy. The story now as I see as a whole is a lot about feminism, women and the hardships they go through, the objectification, the mindset of men to take them for granted, the cruelty that the men of this world exhibit and lots of other similar issues. It stands against toxic masculinity. Even Darlington the Gentleman is caught lusting after Alex when he was drugged by Manuscript. The story is also about survival. Alex and Hellie are survivors though the latter did not survive long enough. Mercy is a victim. The story gives much of its power to women. Women dying was creating the nexuses, the source for the magic. We later learn that Daisy was eating the souls of these women and that torture was indeed the source of the magic (much like the Horcruxes in Harry Potter). In my opinion and mine alone I guess, it also throws light upon the negative shades of feminism. Daisy didn’t want to die just yet and thus she passed on the stray magic on to North. When that didn’t work out and she died eventually she became defensive and became a predator herself. Not having a life beyond being a woman which in her viewpoint is such misery and being only a wife to a man was not enough for her and the thirst for more made her do all the terrible things (Again, just my opinion).
    Coming to the magical part of the story, I was highly unconvinced initially about the way magic was being handled in this book. I did not like the unevenly and haphazardly sprinkled magic just to make it a fantasy because I thought the story would be more compelling if it was a contemporary fiction. I stand corrected because all the loose ends about why magic exists in New Haven and why there is more activity of larger uncanny forces in this particular place was tied together and it made perfect sense by the time I got the last quarter of the book.
    Sandow turned out to be a greedy person and he got what he deserved. Tara deserved better. Darlington deserved better as well and I’m happy there is still hope for him in the sequel. I really liked the way Alex found a home in Dawes and Mercy and Lauren and even Turner. The last paragraph left me hopeful even though the team is heading towards hell.
    It was easily readable once I got used to the mysterious tone of writing and when I accepted that the answers that I sought would not come easily and would be hard to digest as well. So I enjoyed the wait when it switched between past and present joining the dots and keeping it relevant. As I have told in the previous discussion post as well that I would like to read more about the thought processes of Alex and her coping techniques for the terrible things she went through, that part felt missing and was very much needed.
    I had not binge-read a book since The Vanishing Stair(Truly Devious 2) and I’m glad I took part in this readalong and love BnB for it.
    I rate it 4.5/5.
    Waiting to get the next installment from you guys!

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