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~ Poetry Feature ~ #1


Today's poem is brought to you by the lovely Nandhini from @books_under_moonlight

~ Just one more Chapter ~

Ah! Look! There’s a new book.

Is it a rebel, a warrior or a magical dragon?

Reviews and ratings and stars, I jump into the wagon.

I stare and glare and think and think some more

Of castles and magic, creatures mighty; and ancient lore.

Oh the dust jacket and gosh that splash of colour!

I stare starry eyed at it over and over

“Will you be mine?” I wonder…

Reality pokes its ugly head


An hour rolls by,

Accidentally, Un<intentionally> as I walk by,

A sliver of glorious green or royal red or beautiful blue

Catch my eyes and they fall on the book

Lying right there in a cozy nook…

“Don’t you want to be mine?”

I can hear, I assure you!

the faint hum of its pages.


As my hands move towards the pages of the epilogue

The harsh hands of the clock

waves at me and summons me

To attend to that mountainous pile of chores

Alas, My love, I shall come back to you!

I close the book and sigh


As the grind of the day comes to a close and

Night replaces light,

That beautiful little book

Beckons me back to explore its depths

I settle down to breathe in that heady scent,

That only a book can offer

And prepare myself for a mighty adventure

I promise, Just One more Chapter…


Did you like this lovely poem? We sure did!

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  • Aamna Rehman

    wOW!! This was such a lovely poem!! I really loved it. I would like to send some of my own poems too. This is a great initiative taken by Books n Beyond and I am so happy and grateful to you guys for this. Ths is hands down the best thing ever!!

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