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REVIEW // All Your Perfects

TITLE - All your perfects
AUTHORS - Colleen Hoover
GENRE - Romance
PUBLISHER - Atria Books
RATING - 5 / 5 stars

     When I think about Colleen Hoover’s writing, “intense” is the word that comes to my mind. She’ll take everyday things and give the perfect depth with her raw writing. When it comes to romance, Coho is the queen. She makes me believe it. Not the happily ever after, the reality. In this book she has written about infertility which many of us don’t understand the devastation it brings, many of us don’t even talk about it. This book hit me like anything and I still remember the night I finished it. I woke my mom and started telling her about the story, about their love, about Graham at 2AM in the morning. And she had to console (& convince) me to sleep as I’d to go to office the next day.

     And now after 2 months, I listened to the audio book and cried again. It’s just perfect every time I read it.

     Graham & Quinn’s love is not the perfect one; it’s messy, beautiful and real. The book is split into 2 parts – now and then. “Now” is fully focused on the infertility and the marriage that’s breaking day by day. And “then” is the story of their love which has ended in marriage. So one part you’ll see them fall in love and in the next you’ll see the turn of events. It’s really broken me to see their relationship falling apart.

“If you only shine light on your flaws, all your perfects will dim.”

“I’m a grammar snob. It should be your perfections.”

     That’s what makes me like it. The one word they misuse is perfects. Kind of ironic.

     In the start, Quinn is just a next door woman who falls in love, gets cheated on and falls for the right guy. But as the story moves forward, she doesn’t talk the situation out and she’s started losing her side of the thread in their relationship. But she isn’t a coward. Her struggle is really written well. Graham is my favorite though. He tries to be the perfect companion. He fails too. But the things he says now and then will make you smile and the climax makes you fall for him really hard.

"I love you more in this moment than any moment that has come before it”

     This story completely shattered me and I found myself picking the pieces and put back together as the story ended. A perfect example of “Love conquers all”.

     I’ve loved this book and I will read it again and again to fall in love with Graham & Quinn’s relationship. Cheers to all the couples those have sailed through Category 5 hurricane!!



I’m Sabarritha, an IT analyst by profession with a passion for reading. I'm from Chennai, India. I love to draw and DIY. I watch movies, series, Kdramas.

I am passionate about reading. I read YA, Contemporary romance, New Adult, Chick lit, Rom-com, fantasy, mythology & Middle grade(I’m 26 but still prefer children reads) books.


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  • Shatarupa Dhar

    Loved your review of this book, Sabarritha! We all are still kids at heart, so children’s reads will be preferred from time-to time. :D

    This one makes you cry! Oh, oh … I have to pick out a month or specific dates as to when I should read it. It seems to be a very emotional read. I haven’t read anything by this author till now.

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