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REVIEW // Aurora Rising

TITLE - Aurora rising
AUTHORS - Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
PAGES - 470
GENRE - Science Fiction, Young Adult
PUBLISHER - Rock the Boat, One world publications
RATING - 4.75 / 5 stars

Where do we belong?

     Set 360 years into the future, Aurora Rising is, at heart, a story of a bunch of misfits who find a home in each other. Our story begins on the day of the Draft where the graduating cadets of the Aurora Academy are to be assigned their first missions, but star pupil Tyler Jones misses the Draft because he is heroically trying to save a life. Tyler is now stuck with the bottom-of-the-barrel dregs that nobody else in the academy would touch- a sarcastic diplomat, a sociopath scientist, a smart-ass tech-whiz, a warrior with anger issues and a cocky pilot. But his problems don’t stop there, for Aurora Jie-Lin O’Malley, the girl he rescued has secrets of her own. Trapped in cryo-sleep for two centuries, Aurora is out of time and might just be a catalyst to a war millions of years in the making. She is set on a path she does not recognize and hardly asked for, but walking it seems to be her only option. It is up to Tyler’s squad of misfits, discipline-cases and losers to find answers to Aurora’s story and uncover the secrets hidden for eons.

     Aurora Rising is a brilliant and exciting Six-of-Crows-meets-Firefly science fiction ride. At a time where the imagination of the future of space comes to a standstill, this new fiction breaks through the ceiling and gives you new ideas to ponder over. The writing is effortless and keeps you hooked for new reveals and thrills from the very beginning. It is a roller-coaster ride of nail-biting action, fresh adventures, heart-breaking emotions, sharp sarcasm and hilarious banter. Among the action-filled, thrilling sequences, the sheer humanity of the characters still shines through. The story propels forward at a nice, steady, unputdownable pace as you are left yearning for more. The authors do not hesitate in pulling the rug from under your feet just when you start to feel like you know where the story is going. You will relate to the characters one moment while being left utterly dumbfounded by them the very next moment. The character development, although inconsistent, is intriguing; with the reader getting more insight into some characters’ history than the others. Nevertheless the book sets up a great universe with a range of opportunities for the upcoming installments.

     The introduction rightly says, “If your squad was hard to find, or you are still looking, this one is for you.” Humanity expands and reaches deep pockets of the universe but these characters feel utterly alone in the galaxy trying to find a place where they fit as they get tangled in an ancient and mysterious war. Tyler Jones and his squad aren’t the ones we need but they’re the ones we have got..


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  • Shatarupa Dhar

    “Six-of-Crows-meets-Firefly science fiction ride” is an interesting take on it, I believe. Though not having read anything by Jay Kristoff till now, not even The Illuminae Files, which are staring at me from the shelf with murderous eyes, I will reserve my opinions for later. Loved the review, Rajnandini!

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