REVIEW // The Farm

TITLE - The Farm
AUTHORS - Joanne Ramos
GENRE - Dystopia
PUBLISHER - Bloomsbury
RATING - 4.5 / 5 stars

     Making and selling babies for money. The idea doesn’t seem so weird but The Farm will make you feel otherwise by showing the other side of the trade-off. The Farm is a never boring page-turner story of the protagonist called Jane who proudly cleared the aggressive tests and verifications to become a host in a high-end service center where she will reproduce a fit and healthy baby for her client. However, she will much later realize the price of the price which was cruel exploitation for being the host.

     Satirically called “The Farm”, it was brave and intuitive of Joanne Ramos to take the issue of surrogacy which shows wealthy embryos and deprived weak immigrants and not particularly the emotional side but highlights the capitalist side. While reading #thefarm, I never felt like a dystopian narrative, rather I was on the verge of suspecting that the author secretly knew this place which actually existed and cared to share it with us. My thoughts are still lingering on deciding the antagonist in the book; was it the ambitious Mae or the patriarchal Leon or the capitalistic way of the world or the socio-economic inequality. Never has a dystopian novel felt so believable and a portion of my brain still refrains from believing that #thefarm doesn’t exist.


  • Multilayered issues highlighting several essential issues compounded with ethical complexities
  • Fast-paced


  • Unsatisfactory ending

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- Laiba Siddiqui


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Shatarupa Dhar

Loved your review of this book, Laiba! It is one of the books in my unending TBR. I have heard many readers comparing it with The Handmaid’s Tale and having read it recently, I am more than eager to delve into this one.

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