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Romanov Readalong - Day #3

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Okay so we are on day 3 of our readalong AND THESE CHAPTERS HAVE OFFICIALLY KILLED ME. I'm just so SO sad right now I can't even.

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for the chapters 12 to 16. So unless you’ve read them, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

They killed Ivan. Oh god I'm not even sure how to process it. It was just so sudden and unexpected and I just almost screamed out loud. That stupid, sweet boy. And I cried more when Zash had to go bury his friend and then he just sat there rocking him and my heart broke. And Maria... I can't even begin to imagine the plethora of emotions she must be feeling now - sadness, guilt and just AHHHHH

And the escape isn't even going to happen? I have HUGE respect for the family for turning down the offer to keep the Bolsheviks safe though. That kind of decision requires such a big heart and I'm just speechless (And this isn't fiction you know? IRL, Ex-tsar Nikolai truly denied help to keep the captors safe) Huge respect.

 SO much happened so suddenly. Yakov Yurovsky. Oh my God, he knows Nastya's hiding something. He knows she took the doll. He's having their belongings searched. I am so scared. And the guards are gone! Zash is gone?? I feel exactly like Nastya at the end of chapter 12. Hope ebbing away.


-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

Let us just cry? What do you think is going to happen next? 



  • Gayatri Saikia

    I went numb when they shot Ivan. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Like never in my dreams. Aaghhj. Let’s just all cry together😭😭😭😭

  • Nairita Bala

    It was heart aching!!
    The poor girl Maria was left desolated, devastated. She clung to the false hope (from the beginning I had a doubt with rescue plan). I have a feeling that there is no White Army, the Bolsheviks are behind this. This is their conspiracy and using it they want to harm the Romanovs. 😞 (I hope this don’t turn out to be true.)
    When Beloborodov asked Avdeev “Who is the traitor?” I felt when falling love started making people traitors?
    He shot Ivan dead!!! After so beautiful birthday celebrations suddenly things turn so sore. For Maria, Zash (loosing a friend and he had to bury the body!!! How cruel!), and Nastya.
    When Nastya stole the doll since then I knew somehow Yurovsky will come after her. But this sudden strings of events implies, his return, more danger ahead (as I feel).
    And change everything but no! Zash can’t leave. He is that glimmer hope, Nastya holding on to (even if she is so reluctant to accept it).
    Will be back here on discussions today.

  • Shatarupa Dhar

    Oh, Ivan! I last read a book in this genre a year back and there was a death there too. I just can’t… I mean, I just hate it when someone dies, and that too, someone so dear. Since I didn’t know about Anastasia Romanov before this book, I read the Wiki entry about her. And since that first day of the readalong, I am dreading reaching the end. And it is not even the end, and it is still all so sad. It’s so heartbreaking!

    But we have to have hope. Hope for Nastya that she sees everything through till the end. Hopefully, a happy end…sigh…

  • Chanel Rick

    From Maria’s birthday to the terrible escape plan to Ivan’s death, this was an awful way for things to go. The sweet and bright Ivan. I’m sure once we read about the surprise inspection to Maria and Ivan having been spotted kissing, we all just kept reading on with wide eyes and dread about the inevitable. It was cruel and sad. Aside from Maria’s birthday, these chapters just seemed to hold disappointment. Declining the offer to escape at the expense of the death of the Bolsheviks was really very noble and kind. Now that the offer has been declined, I hope it doesn’t make the White army assume that the Romanov’s had surrendered and befriended the Bolsheviks, which they kind of did but of course, they still would want to be rescued tactfully. With Yurovsky here, I’m worried about what torture he has in stored for Nastya. Also, did anyone expect a comeback from him? Because this seems so convenient. He must be there for the doll obviously, but with a comeback like this, feels like there might be more to it. We’re nearly halfway through the book, I’m dreading the inevitable. Also, shoutout to a lot of the historical accuracies! Good luck, fellow readers. We need to see our Shvibzik through.

  • Ranja Chakraborty

    Being so highly invested in the story it really and truly did break my heart when it reaches such a hopeless point. Ivan’s death was so cruel and so unnecessary! I can’t imagine how Maria would feel thinking if only they had been more careful. If only they hadn’t kissed he would have been alive! It’s truly amazing the sort of courage her father is displaying. Even under such seemingly insurmountable circumstances. The atmosphere of graveness just increases and it’s becoming harder and harder to hope for the better.

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