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Romanov Readalong - Day #5

 Day 5 already! Wow we are making great progress!!

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for the chapters 24 to 29. So unless you’ve read them, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

Okay wow Zash about to kill himself. Honestly I feel the same as Nastya, angry and hurt. Alexei is just too freaking sweet. But also *grudgingly* he's right. 

Those words at the end of chapter 29 - "You can save Alexei's life. And then disappear from mine."


But I would have probably felt the same as Nastya and even said something worse! I definitely am looking forward to Zash's explanation, not sure if it will be a good one but nevertheless I'm intrigued and wondering whatever it could be.


 I like Zash's grandmother. She's such a practical and kind lady and I wish we'd seen more of her. Also am I the only one curious about all the food mentioned? I want to taste borscht because it sounds like the perfect comfort food. (If anyone knows, is it just a variant of soup or quite different?)

ALSO ALEXEI MY BRAVE, PRECIOUS BOI! when he woke up and asked Vira "Will you fight with me?" I swear I had a lump in my throat like Nastya. That boy deserves SO much better!

And when Nastya questioned if the bond of their hearts spans death, I got all choked up again. Seriously, this book is making me quite emotional!

 OH OH also the spell leading West to Dochkin. That's such a brilliant little thing. I hope they find Dochkin soon and fix up Alexei!

 I feel like a lot happened in these chapters but also not much happened? I'm not sure how to explain but yeah!

-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

What do you think is going to happen next? Do you think they'll find Dochkin without any trouble from Yurovsky? 




  • Chanel Rick

    I can’t believe that we have only ten chapters left! Didn’t we just start reading?! Woah. We have come a long way. I’m still trying to recover from the deaths of the Romanov family. Though, I’m so relieved that Nastya and Alexei made it out alive. I knew they would cross paths with Zash once more, but I would’ve never guessed for him to be the type to try and end his life after killing Nastya and help kill the other Romanovs. It was morbid, but it has its own effect and reason too. Babushka was quite a character and after knowing Zash, I’m not surprised with how his grandmother is, though I loved her response to Alexei. She would fight with him if he healed up and lead everyone. THE FEELS! Nastya’s distrust and despair is very much understandable, especially since she had hoped that there was more than just a possible friendship here. To be killed by the guy who could’ve been your boo? Ouch. But, on a serious note, I really can see how deeply Zash seeks for forgiveness. Him out of everyone else, was closer to the family and saw them better through Maria and Nastya. To have killed them despite all of that, despite knowing how much his friend, Ivan, was in love with Maria and his own feelings(maybe, hopefully?) for Nastya? His heart and mind must be plagued with so much burden and confusion with his conscience. I think they will find Dochkin or maybe, just maybe, Nastya might turn out to be a spell master herself? I know that’s a bit of a stretch, but considering the book so far, I will humour that possibility too. As for Yurovsky, I’m so sure that we are going to be hearing from him soon. You don’t have a person like that in your aresenal and not use him in your book for something. Good luck, everyone. We are close to safety.

  • Nairita Bala

    This is going so fast! Everything happening so quickly and gripping. 🤨 I am falling in love with this novel. 😍

    I smiled in joy when Zash brought back Joy with him. ❤️

    I love Babushka what a wonderful lady she is. Knowing the danger she let them inside her house and tried to comfort them as much as she could.
    When Nastya found the spell ink in Zash’s belongings I guessed two possibilities one he might be the one who is helping Yurovsky but it was ticked out when he gave it to Nastya and the second guess was I took him to be a spell master. So both my guesses were wrong and I am happy with that. 🙂
    “But finding him will be like searching for strawberry in a field of blood.” Why?? I want them to reach Dochkin.
    I have a very bad feeling Yurovsky is not going to leave them so easily.. They need to reach Dochkin before Yurovsky reaches them or Dochkin. 😥
    Let’s hope my guess again turns out to be wrong this time and they reach Dochkin without any trouble.

  • Ranja Chakraborty

    These chapters are basically a transition I suppose- from them being helpless and er…dead towards them getting back into fighting stance. Babushka is the kind of character I love. Tough love kind. She’s practical and helpful and someone who has definitely earned my respect.
    At this point I had a feeling that no matter what explanation Zash put forth – it won’t suffice. I’m in two minds- does it matter what his reasons were? She would have been dead to his knowledge. It’s a miracle she isn’t.
    Dochkin seems like the sole hope here but I’m scared to hope how much he would be able to do. What if it’s not enough? Even if it is- what about Alexei? He has haemophilia- would that be cured? Anyway …on to the next chapters I suppose. Almost scared XD

  • Gayatri

    Uhmmm. Yesss JOY is alive and I’m so ecstatic about that. Okay. But I wanted to clarify one thing was it ever mentioned earlier that Dochkin can turn back time using spells. Like the Romanov family can actually come back if they met Dochkin? I thought they were just searching for him to heal Alexei 🤔 I might have skipped that part and only got to know about it when Nastya mentioned it in the last chapter. Also, I donot think Yurovksy would make their quest so easy. Can’t wait for more action.

  • Belinda Smith

    Oh god … they got their bodies back… but with the wounds and everything… Alexei was so happy for a while… I feel sorry for Zash… I have no idea why he had to do it but he was ready to shoot himself for it…

    JOY IS ALIVE!!!! Thank god! Atleast she survived!!!

    Nastya is a tough girl!!! She is so brave… she is awesome!
    Thank you Vira for saving Alexei and helping Nastya… atleast there was someone!!

    I KNEW IT!! I knew the letters were a trap!!! I cannot believe Avdeev would do that. He is very confusing.

    Chapter 29 hurt the most… the reality settling in… the fact that Nastya and Alexei are the only remaining Romanovs….

    I don’t know what Zash could say to make Nastya forgive him… but I want to know his reason.

    The doll opened up for Zash… and it’s granting Nastya’s wish… I hope they find Dochkin soon… I don’t want Alexei to die!!!!

    I want them to find Dochkin soon without any problems… but I don’t think it would be that easy…. m guessing Yakov would keep pursuing them…. I want them to find Dochkin soon and save Alexei!!!!

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