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~ Short Story Feature ~ #1

Today's short story is brought to you by the lovely Mahima of The Tale Teller


The Stars And The Ocean By Mahima Khetiya

The stars and the seas have a love affair.

They meet every night in the reflection, only marred by the waves that gently lapse over their meeting mirror.

The stars often shake their glimmering locks, and moan about how they never really meet, and the seas curse the gravity and declare how in its absence, nothing could have ever stopped them from rising up, and touching the stars.

They occasionally curse the moon, when the waves get violent, and disturb their sweet talk, just as two mortal lovers curse the phone line for bad reception.

The stars often wonder about how the seas have their darkest parts hidden, their mysteries tucked away from sight, and how the stars do not get to see it. The sea then chuckles and reminds the stars, that he, himself, is still unaware of how dust and atoms combine to form such brilliance as herself.

The stars blush as the sky turns a deep pink, and the only specks are the tiny stars that glow from afar.

The seas are really good at making the stars blush.

Tonight, they are talking about distance. The stars are contemplating how the seas are so deep, and yet all she can see is the deepest portion discovered by mortals. The seas rumble in agreement and say that even he can only see the farthest of the stars that mortals can. He then goes on to say something that makes the stars laugh, and shower a few sparkles in the sky.

“You are the Alpha Centauri and I am the Manta Ray living in the Mariana Trench.”

The stars twinkle brighter than ever.

Soon, she asks him, “Why did you choose to fall in love with me?”

The sea laughs, and the waves become hysteric.

The stars go on, her luminous eyes glittering. “Why not fall in love with the sand? The coconut trees? The palms? The islands? Why fall for something you cannot have?”

The seas smile mysteriously, and say, “Because none of them can do what you can.”

“And, what is it that I do?”

The seas sigh deeply. “You make me write poetry.”

The stars are surprised. “Poetry?”

The sea starts, and the stars look at him in awe.

“Come into me,
See the darkness. A darkness so black,
Every being is scared of.
Come into me,
See the darkness, never ending,
A path never completed.
Come into me,
See the darkness,
For it’s an opportunity.
People are afraid of what they do not understand.
See this darkness as a vast universe. And shine them.
Shine them, with your stars.”

The stars whisper tearfully, “That’s beautiful, but I cannot illuminate you. We are different.We are afar. It’s terrible.”

“Oh, sweetheart,” the seas say softly, “why do you think they call the galaxy a sea of stars? We are one and the same.”

The stars let out a sniff, and smile at the sea.

The seas are really good at making the stars blush.

It is a strange thing, really, how very few people know that the stars and the seas have a love affair. And that, they meet every night in the reflection, only marred by the waves that gently lapse over their meeting mirror.


Did you like this beautifully written story? We sure did! We adore how whimsical and lovely it is! 


  • Megha

    Beautifully written..

  • Mahima

    Ohmygosh! Thank you so much, you lovely people for featuring my work. ❤️❤️❤️

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