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Sorcery of Thorns - Let's Discuss the Book

     This readalong has been SO AMAZING you guys! all thanks to you.. thank you soooo much for joining us, taking part in the discussions and fangirling along with me (and putting up with my crazy flailing + GIFs)

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for the chapters 32 to Epilogue. So unless you’ve read them, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

     Sooooo....this book...THIS BOOK. I think I can safely say it has been one of my favourite books so far this year. Sorcery of Thorns isn't what I'd call extraordinary... It doesn't have a complex world-building or super crazy plot twists but it's a beautifully written book with lovable characters, lots of heart ( as my friend Farha @theanatomyofabookworm puts it) and it's sooo entertaining! And honestly sometimes that's all I need in a book ❤️ a book that leaves me smiling and feeling good.

5  T H I N G S    I    A B S O L U T E L Y    L O V E D -


     Every single character is so unique and stands out in the book. I loved how the author made me care about the characters just pages after meeting them, especially Nathaniel! His sass and charm makes him stand out wonderfully and needless to say he's now one of my book boyfriends!

     Elisabeth is a wonderful MC and I was rooting for her the whole time. But Silas has to be my favourite...I have a thing for complex characters and morally grey characters are so interesting to read about! The ending implying that Silas is back had me squealing!!

   And Ashcroft makes for a great villain. We all love to hate him!


     Nathaniel has the best dialogues, hands down. He has the sassiest, funniest and quirky lines that made me howl with laughter. Also the banter between him and Elisabeth was the BESTEST. I would read a book full of just the two arguing about everyday things lol.

     Also Silas has the most thought provoking dialogues and was just plain brilliant.


     It's so beautiful... the way the book is written. There are so many quotes I absolutely loved. My favourite was the one I added in yesterday's post. Like I said, this book is so full of heart and some quotes just made me feel so full?


     It's not too complex like most fantasy novels, it's fun filled and entertaining and flows so well! I loved that we knew the villain not far from the start itself. Generally the bad guy is revealed at the very end but here we have the old fashioned villain who the MC knows is the villain and has to fight against.


     Books that are sentinent? Books that can converse with you? Libraries filled with different kinds of living grimoires? SIGN ME TF UP!


-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

What are your overall thoughts about 'Sorcery of Thorns'? What are the things on which you agree/disagree with me ? What did you rate the book? 



  • Gargee Singh Bhadoria

    This book is good. I’d give it 3.5/5 because I found some things lacking. But, overall, it is a GOOD book. It had interesting characters and a good storyline. I love Elisabeth and her love for the library. How she cares for every aspect of it and yet understands the concept they were built on is flawed. She dares to defy norm even though that is all she has known.

    Silas is, definitely, the most intriguing character, fully fleshed yet mysterious. Some things did not work out for me, which I have mentioned before. Another thing that bugs me is that Elisabeth and Nathaniel’s “love” for each other is just chalked up to a couple of moments of them finding each other interesting and unique. Since it’s a secondary part of the story, it does not bother me a lot; but I do believe that the “deep, true love” we so often happen upon in story needs a little more fleshing out. Similarly, I think, that Ashcroft could have been explained more. We learn only at the end why he believed so much in his plan. His character is sometimes a caricature compared to our protagonist’s party.

    But I do indeed love the premise, if not for the fact that the books are almost always treated badly by others. But, I guess, this gives us another reason to like Elisabeth which matters a lot because if you cannot relate to or understand the protagonist, the protagonist is not good enough.

    But what I love the most is how the characters always stay true to themselves, which is a problem we have been encountering way too often nowadays. They never waver from the core of what they are. And I adore it.

    All things considered, this was a book that made me feel good and alive. Hence, a very good book. There is always room for improvement but the writing is amazing and it made such an impact on me that I bought An Enchantment of Ravens before I was even done with Sorcery of Thorns. Can’t wait to see what magic Margaret Rogerson brews up next.

  • Shatarupa Dhar

    Thank you to you both! Books N Beyond and Uma. For this great, great, great readalong. I had so much fun, reading your views, commenting mine, and fangirling with you all.

    I haven’t read that much of fantasy recently. But, even I can say that it isn’t only fantasy. It’s HIGH fantasy and I’m high on this book! The author’s vivid imagination and her play with words (a beautiful play, by the way) resulted in this wonderful art. I’m in awe of this story. Such a wonderful plot with so many twists. The action scenes in particular were gripping. There is oodles of charm, humour, and sass. Overall, this is the story of my dreams (kind of). It was fun to be lost in the realm of Austermeer for a few hours every day. And speaking about characters, I agree with you Uma. Silas is probably one of the best characters ever written. He has all the shades, white, black, and grey. I know he’s a demon but, the author has created such a complex character and placed it in league with the main characters. You can’t hate him, you can’t love him, but you can definitely tear your hairs out in trying to figure out what he’s gonna do or say next. Even to something as basic as how he’s gonna be, at times.

    I am a human so yes, Nathaniel is definitely a book boyfriend, at least till I find the next one! *winks

    True! When I started reading the book, at first I didn’t think I’d find so many quotes that I’d come to treasure. Especially the one about life. What an excellent comparison and explanation by Silas. Having recently started reading YA again after a gap of many years, I’m loving each and every one of them!

    I rated it a 5 but it deserves all the shiny stars in the world! This is one of my favourite reads of this year too. Thank you again for this readathon! It was perfectly paced with an engaging discussion.

  • Rajnandini

    OMG this book had so many ups and downs for me!! One moment I was in absolute awe of the writing and the dialogues and the next I found something that totally interrupted my reading experience. There were honestly some parts that felt lazily written. But overall, I enjoyed the read. The characters were not all fresh, I’ve read about similar characters in other books too but the concept made it seem completely new. THE CONCEPT! I mean books that literally have a life of their own!! How awesome would it be to live in such a world! But also after having read the book, maybe it won’t be that awesome. I still don’t entirely get why the library peeps were so against the sorcerors, especially when the libraries were themselves built by sorcerors.

    Now please don’t mind me while I completely and utterly melt talking about Silas. WHAT A CHARACTER! He can slice me up and drink my blood and take all the years of my life and I would thank him! I will PRAY for him to come to make a bargain of my life (but that could also be chalked up to my gen Z depression but also definitely because I love Silas). When he turned into a cat for the first time!! I loved him even more but then out of all the animals, he could turn into HE CHOSE TO TURN INTO A CAT! I love cats! Mr Fluffington shall be the name of my first cat when I adopt one! Or maybe I’ll name it Silas hehe. I love the dimension his character had. There was his evil demonic self and the hunger that came along with it and he never once denied it. And then when he had made the bargain with Nathaniel he became his literal mom! and yes, I love Mom!Silas too! But most of all, despite being a demonic entity he SACRIFICED himself not once but TWICE to save Nathaniel and the human realm. And don’t even tell me he did that the first time for his selfish reasons because if you think that for one second, you are lying to yourself! So basically I will forever be in love with Silas and shall need some very dope Silas merch very soon in my life.

    Now moving on to Nathaniel, I knew he was bi the moment the sass came out! Straight people are not capable of that! But my oh my, he was powerful! To resist the power of the grimoire written by his ancestor and attacking it over that! That needs crazy will power! And I am pretty sure Nathaniel loved Silas (Don’t @ me). I Lived for Nathaniel’s dialogues. Such sass, such sarcasm and such delivery! Give. Me. More. And ELIZABETH! my strong and awkward heroine that was a total badass when it came to it! I have no words for her. No wait, I do. YAS KWEEEEN! She never apologised for being herself, first in the face of a Magister (Nathaniel), then Silas, and even Ashcroft! I do wish the author gave us more chapters on her time at Ashcroft’s manor because it seemed like a crucial plot point that drove her to fight harder and I feel robbed of that motivation. But nevertheless, she did not disappoint me overall.

    The only thing I have to say about Ashcroft is that he is a piece of shit and that’s that. Overall I liked the read. It was a nice little concept, wrapped up in a standalone book which is appreciated. And I read through even those parts that disappointed me a little because I always looked forward to reading and writing these discussion posts. So thank you BooksNBeyond and Uma for hosting this (and continuing this even when you were sick! I hope you feel better now). I will look forward to more such readalongs!

  • Belinda Smith

    Okay!!! I agree 100% with you!!! I totally loved the whole plot!! If I could get a chance to enter their world… I would go as a janitor even to any of those magical libraries!!!

    The book HAD me since the dedication!!!! I knew I will be in love with it!!! And I was right!🥳🥳

    The characters!!! MAN!! They were awesome… each and every one of them!!

    Elisabeth is wonder!! “The true child of the library”😍
    Nathaniel captured me from the beginning… he was such an amazing character… his sass made me love him more… I would like to sit and type every dialogue he spoke the ENTIRE book cuz every one of them are GEMS!!!💕😍😍😍💕
    “I suppose some species do bite each other as a prelude to courtship” Pure Sass!
    Okay… SILAS… I need a separate comment to talk about my love for Silas! He was an amazement from the beginning. I loved the relationship between Silas and Nathaniel… I couldn’t understand how Nathaniel could trust him after watching him kill his father… but as the story progressed, I could see what a wonderful being Silas was… his wit knew no bounds!!! The fact that he could tell Nathaniel needed him in the simplest way possible was just beautiful!! Him sacrificing himself had me reaching for tissues… and when Elisabeth set him free and for a second he almost killed Nathaniel… but he again gave himself up for them… I AM CRY!😭 So pure and so honest…. he kept reminding how he was not a human but a demon who has a clear goal…. 😍

    Katrien… a true friend… and such a positive soul!!! She was such a huge help and a sight for sore eyes!!! Everybody deserves a friend like her!!!!

    I loved how every book had a character of its own!! They were royalty!!! They had hearts too!!! And that they can be broken too… The best!!😍😍😍
    I loved how the books helped save them…. so much love and selflessness… I cried imagining the books turning to dust..😭😭😭😭

    DEMONSLAYER!! Such a cool name… it was an awesome sword!!

    The fight scenes. Okay. They were the best. Every action sequence was so beautifully written. I re-read them at least thrice and got thrilled every time I read them!!! The carriage chase…. Elisabeth and Nathaniel fighting together for the first time… WOW!!!

    Ashcroft gave me the creeps… I will never forget Lorelai… she was the definition of evil… Silas was a saint compared to her… Ashcroft made me a little sad at the end… he thought controlling Achron was his legacy… He got the ending he deserved!!!

    Every single minute was INCREDIBLE!
    I loved how Nathaniel and Elisabeth fell in love… we could see it happen… that was beautiful!!!

    THE.EPILOGUE! I love Nathaniel and Elisabeth together… reminiscing about Silas was not OKAY!!! The last line was EVERYTHING!!! I want sequels.. I want more about them!!! I NEED!!!!

    I don’t think I need to rate the book separately… I am gonna be gushing over this book for a while!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Sabarritha

    I absolutely loved this book.. I posted a long review in my feed yesterday.. 😁
    Don’t you think this would make an amazing movie with magic and action packed?? I do.. I wish someone would do that.. ❤️❤️ I can’t thank you guys enough for making me read this wonderful book!! Love you BnB team 😘

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