Sorcery of Thorns Readalong - Day #1

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Hullo BooksNBeyond fam!! *waves excitedly* Welcome to the first discussion of the Sorcery of Thorns readalong!! *throws confetti* Super SUPER excited for this one because SoT has been one of my favourite reads this year and I can't wait to see what you guys think! Grab your choice of beverage and let's get started!

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for the chapters 1 to 6. So unless you’ve read them, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

     Let us all take a moment to appreciate that this is a book about books. Isn't that the dream?? Also these are grimoires that can come to life. I mean yes of course the Maleficts are scary and dangerous but BOOKS COMING TO LIFE?? Sign me up. Belle approves.

     That being said, The Book of Eyes really grossed me out?? Like actual eyes? I made the mistake of imagining it in my head and now it appears in my nightmares. Curse you overactive imagination!

     Also SUPER sad that the Director died? I so wasn't expecting it! I mean when I learny Elisabeth was an orphan, I kind of thought that the Director would be like mother to her, and kind of a "powerful-help-you-with-everything" figure like Gandalf/Dumbledore? I really would have liked to see more of her.

OMG I hate Warden Finch (I refuse to call him Director). Also he seems a lot like Filch from Harry Potter? Their names match, their character matches? They both want to whip the students / apprentices, are cruel for no reason and just so annoying!

     Okay so Magister Thorne. *leans forward* Are you not intrigued? I mean it was kind of cliche? Young looking powerful dude who the heroine thinks is dangerous? But this is the kind of cliche I can get on board with. 

     Okay omg Silas?? When he said this -

"No doubt you have heard that sorcerers bargain away their lives to demons in exchange for their power."

I was like OMG Silas is a demon?? I wish Elisabeth would realize that soon. I'm intrigued by how she's unable to process her thoughts about him. Is Nathaniel the one messing with her thoughts or Silas? 

-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

What do you think of the story so far? Which character intrigues you?


Uma @books.bags.burgers  is a crazy albeit nice book dragon who when not decoding the human existence in secret labs, spends the day bemoaning her lack of pastel books and trying to make sure her TBR doesn't kill her overnight.


  • Gargee

    Very intrigued by Silas. I mean, Nathaniel is very cliche so I’m ignoring his “intriguing-ness” for now. Silas, on the other hand, is the opposite of expected. Also, I’m very interested in how Elisabeth got her last name as Scrivener. She is an orphan. Probably everyone the library adopts has that name? But then, it would make no sense to address her by that name.

    I feel like we’ll get to see more of the Director even though she is dead. Flashbacks have already happened in this story and gives a reason to believe more would. Maybe that would unravel the mystery that is the Director. Also, Finch is such a toxic masculinity mascot. But will probably be redeemed in some way or another.

  • Bhagyashree Bhat

    The book of eyes was super creepy & the malefict more so.😳
    Loved the idea of the other grimoires though. Being able to communicate with books would be so amazing.😍❤
    I was most intrigued by Nathaniel Thorn. Do i see a future love interest for elizabeth? 🤔 (imagine waggling eyebrows here😏) Love stories are my weaknesses..can’t help it🙈
    Excited to see how the story progresses🤩

  • Krina (justonemorepage__)

    Oh my Merlin. What did I just read. I mean isn’t the book, super interesting? Lately I have been reading books where books have life. And even though I believe it is so damn true but you know, it is a bit terrifying.🙈
    I mean what if my books started to scream that I have been staking them and not reading them? Jokes apart, I am hooked to this book. I mean the first chapter itself took me with them. Every character, every detail is so defined. And the writing style? I mean a hint is given and then suddenly bamm.

    The relation between Elizabeth and the Director.

    It was not direct but somehow it was evident that The Director cared a lot about Elizabeth. And I would have loved loved to know more about them. It would be so interesting. But then death is one friend that meets me in every damn book. 😤

    Somehow I think, The Director knew about Elizabeth in the reading room. Can you imagine that maybe the Director, herself would have done something like that?

    I love her attachment to grimoire is not a secret. I mean both the Director and Master know about it. And then comes the master phrase :

    " I fear it is because she sees grimoires as her friends in place of people.”

    It is so damn true. For so many people around.

    “She did try not to greak the rules, but her efforts had a curious way of never working out.”

    I loved this line.😂😂😂
    So damn much.

    And the worst part is, it is so relatable. I can see so many characters going through this same dilemma. 😂😂😂

    The mystery of the door opening only by Elizabeth.😱

    It is so interesting. I think it definitely has something to do with why she was awake and all that becoming a big picture ahead.

    I laughed out loud in my lecture when I read bathing in the blood of virgins.😂😂😂
    Explaining my laugh was another story but seriously?😂😂😂

    “She had grown up on tales of sorcery: armies raised from mass graves to fight on the behalf of kings, innocents sacrificed in gory rituals, children flayed as offerings to demons. And now she had been to the vault, and seen for herself the work of a sorcerer’s hands.”

    The truth is spoken. 🙌

    Magic, she thought. That is what magic looks like. And then, before she could stop herself, It’s beautiful.

    I could feel her soft voice as she would have said it’s beautiful. The softness in the eyes, the awe. It is truly magical.

    And then…

    The moment where things changed. The Director died. I mean so soon?

    Elizabeth got the Dragonslayer.

    The fight?😱😭

    Those voice.? I mean I don’t know what would I do if I could hear voice like that. The chapter was beautifully written.

    It was somewhere expected that Nathaniel would come into picture. Silas is an interesting add.

    I adore Katrien.

    At this point, I honestly don’t know whom to point at.?

    Who knows Master was defending her so that he can’t be in suspicions?

    Who know what Warden did?

    Who knows why Nathaniel is here?

    A side effect of reading books for me is I start doubting so many people around.😂🙈

    I really cannot wait for tomorrow and continue reading this. I want to know more about Elizabeth’ connection.

    This book is going to be a total rollercoaster ride for me.💝🍀

    I still have to click a photo.😂😂

  • Shatarupa Dhar

    I so love your descriptive, gif-y posts, Uma!

    For a reader who’s coming back to fantasy gradually, this book intrigued me from the first line, I mean, death rode in? Wow! But, first let me give a big round of applause to the dedication.
    “For all the girls who found themselves in books.” (Belinda, you’re my soul sister!)
    And for girls who are always up to some mischief! Like Elisabeth and Katrien. Love their friendship, their bonding over booklice. making a face

    First day of the readathon, and there’s already a death. Humph! And the Malefict of the Book of Eyes really grossed me out. Yuck! Made of real human eyes. Double yuck!

    Also, I was wondering whether a new book boyfriend is in order. Magister Nathaniel Thorn, a sorcerer at that, and that stream of silver in his hair. Sigh! Though I did scream with glee when Elisabeth brushed his hair to check for his elvish ears. And I wonder what Nathaniel and Silas are hiding. “It wouldn’t do for her to find out.” Is it something more, other than Silas being a demon? Is Silas a demon? Nathaniel intrigues me the most though. Is there a kind of role reversal going on between them? Can’t wait for tomorrow’s reading and discussions.

    P.S. I also wanted the Director – Irena – to last longer, acting like a mother figure to Elisabeth, it is really sad that till the age of eight she didn’t even know what a mother and a father are! crying my heart out

  • Anushka Reddy Marri

    This 👏book 👏is 👏 everything 👏I 👏need 👏in 👏my 👏life 👏right 👏now.

    I had a lot of work to do and I thought let me just read one chapter and as soon I read the first page, I couldn’t stop reading. Took me a lot of strength to stop reading at 6th🙈

    And I am not sure if I relate more to Elizabeth’s clumsiness or Katreins short stature more. 🙊 I have also never imagined so many colours while reading a book, the green colour accompanying the magic, Silas’s yellow eyes and the ink. I think books that come to life should be a thing by now since the technology is so advanced but whatever.

    I also low-key think that it’s Finch who killed the director. Why else would he be so adamant on not listening to Elizabeth’s side of the story and stubborn about his opinion.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to read the remaining chapters and get back to discussing it with everyone. Thanks for hosting this amazing read along. And Thank You for the enamel pin of the grimoire. 😍😍😍


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