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Sorcery of Thorns Readalong - Day #4

(Image Courtesy -Uma @books.bags.burgers )

Okay Day 4 of the readalong and the plot is getting intense people!!Grab your choice of beverage plus your weapon of choice and let's get started!

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for the chapters 17 to 21. So unless you’ve read them, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

     OKAY SO CAN NATHANIEL JUST ADMIT THAT HE LIKES ELISABETH AND GET ON WITH IT? he's just being stupid but also adorable? But honestly, stupid.

     And omg his nightmares! I feel so sorry for him *sniffles* I'm glad he has Silas. Although Silas is a super contradictory character sometimes. He's such a grey character with a very different set of rules as to what is right. His character arc is super interesting.

     I loved how Elisabeth totally walked into Nathaniel's study/workroom and made herself at home there. 

     Nathaniel may currently be acting stupid but he does have the best dialogues.

"What do you want?," asked Nathaniel behind her, "I assume there's a reason you're inflicting yourself upon me."

     OMG THE MIRROR!!! What an amazing way of seeing more of Katrien! I just hope they can figure out a way to make the mirror work whenever. I'm also worried about Kat! I wonder what she's working on. Hopefully whatever it is works, because that girl gets the best ideas <3

     Also I felt Elisabeth got her job at the library too easily? Mistress Wick seems like a smart woman and I find it weird she has no suspicions about elisabeth hmmm. OMG I LOVE HOW  SILAS TURNED UP AS A CAT AND EL GAVE HIM THE CORNIEST NAME! 

-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

What do you think is going to happen at the library? How do you feel about Nathaniel and Elisabeth? 


Uma @books.bags.burgers  is a crazy albeit nice book dragon who when not decoding the human existence in secret labs, spends the day bemoaning her lack of pastel books and trying to make sure her TBR doesn't kill her overnight.



  • Gargee Singh Bhadoria

    This is all that was going through my head when Elisabeth decided to steal the Codex. Also, I agree that she got the job too easily and that no one doubted her extensive skills and knowledge about how to deal with library things.

    Also, can’t believe Silas turned himself into a cat. This is yet another thing that reminded me of Critical Role, in which the wizard Caleb has a familiar (a cat) who is named Frumpkin. According to D&D 5e rules, Frumpkin can take many forms (but only of animals). But Caleb and Frumpkin’s relationship is kind of similar to Nathaniel and Silas in that Frumpkin also has to do anything and everything that Caleb commands.

    Their heist went well with Elisabeth getting the book, probably the library will figure it out in some time. Also, SILAS GETS MOR3 MYSTERIOUS BY THE SECOND. I love morally grey characters, and even more if they are human/humanoid. In some ways, Silas is fighting his nature but also not. It’s complicated and I love it.

    About Nathaniel and Elisabeth, they will probably end up together at the end because of clichéd reasons like, “he finds her interesting even though she is weird” and “she is not bothered by her demons (literally and figuratively)”. That is more of a subplot for me that I am not really invested in. The mystery of the Chancellor’s plans is way more intriguing.

  • Shatarupa Dhar

    I was waiting for this scene, where Nathaniel and Elisabeth go nose to nose. However, I understand Silas helped, helps, both of them a lot but I can’t help but feel totally creeped out by him. I also can’t stop thinking about this elusive Stefan. Who’s he? I was wondering how come no one, Nathaniel or Silas, did or say anything when she went for that job at the Royal Library. But of course, there was that white cat with yellow eyes. I don’t know why that was amusing but it was! Say aye to Sir Fluffington! Oh what mischief! When Elisabeth breaks into the library with help from Fluffy (oh, I couldn’t help it, Fluffy!). Haha!

    Nathaniel’s dream… Ah, the perils of necromancy!
    “The walls were weeping blood.”
    What imagery! Aww, poor Nathaniel though. What horrors he had had to see for having such horrific nightmares. And I suppose I can no longer complain why he hasn’t got more text space with Elisabeth, seeing that he distances everyone in fear of lashing out and performing some untoward magic. Poor dear…

    I’m waiting for tomorrow now, eagerly, to see what happens at the Royal Library next. True! She seems to have got the job easily. But now with the Class Ten Grimoires transferred and the Codex Daemonicus in Elisabeth’s possession, it is really intriguing as to what happens next… I’m waiting for Nathaniel and Elisabeth to open up to each other, they’ve got awfully less text space till now. I think Silas and Elisabeth have gotten together much more than the former.

    I’m also intrigued by the mirror’s properties and its ways of operation. It’s a powerful, and banned, magical object. I wish nothing bad happens because of it.

    And I agree, Nathaniel has the best and the sassiest dialogues.

  • Bhagyashree Bhat

    I love how beautifully the story is written.

    Elizabeth is such a relatable character for every bibliophile. When she enters Nathaniel’s study for the 1st time & sees it filled with grimoires & gets so happy. She is like, “Ofcourse I love the room. It has books in it.” 💖

    Also the books with their own personalities. God how I wish I could communicate with books📕🤩

    Love how Nathaniel calls Elizabeth “you absolute terror” everytime.
    It feels like an endearment than something said in irritation. 😄
    More interactions between those two plssss!

    And Silas as ‘Sir Fluffington’ 🐈
    OMG so cute! 😍🤗
    Silas is such a grey character. He has done bad things but in his way he loves & cares for Nathaniel so much. You can’t help but love his character.❤😈


  • Belinda Smith

    He calls her ‘absolute terror’. It is so adorable!!! I am loving Nathaniel and Elisabeth and I love the fact that the story doesn’t revolve around their romance!!! I wanna see Nathaniel trusting her and letting her in!!!
    He needs more people in his life!

    Lady Primrose’s Complete Handbook of Historical Personages would not open till she got kid-skin gloves!!!

    Silas as a cat!!!🤩💕💕💕💕💕 M loving this!! Sir Fluffington!!! Outrageous!😍 I love how Silas was offended by it and put up a little tantrum in a cat-like way… I wanna change my cat’s name to Silas🙈🙈🙈

    HE SAID MEW!!! My heart!💕
    People keep saying the library chose her… maybe Mistress Wick felt something like that from her too…

    Silas is such a true character… he is like don’t try to see me like a human… my goal is one and only one… I love how he says if he leaves this world, Nathaniel would not dress properly!! He has his priorities straight!

    My poor boy, Nathaniel…. to see his father die in the hands of someone he had known from birth and coming in terms with it… he is so strong!! I love him for it! I wanna give him a big hug!!!!

    The Demonslayer is BACK baby!!! I love how much character is given to the grimoires!! They are like people and their hearts can be broken too!!🥺 My heart!!! I was so sad when the Codex dint do anything as she picked it up… my poor little baby book has lost all hope?? No, Elisabeth will save you!!

    Why bring the Grimoire here!!! Like, seriously!! They are making it easier for Ashcroft!!! Humans are D.U.M.B.

  • Suparna Dey

    Nathaniel is really cute….he actually trying hard to stay away from Elisabeth. Elisabeth is smarter then I thought.And the writing style is really getting better to best with every page.I know Silas is really interesting.I never saw a character such complex.Elisabeth really belongs to library so she got that job easily.I just hope Nathaniel accepts his true feeling …soon

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