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Sorcery of Thorns Readalong - Day #5

(Image Courtesy -Uma @books.bags.burgers )

Okay Day 5 of the readalong and it is getting so dark!!!!Grab your grimoire, sword and let's get started!

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for the chapters 22 to 27. So unless you’ve read them, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

     Okay at first when Parsifal asked Elisabeth if she was THE Elisabeth i was like O SHIT! OMG EL MAINTAIN POKER FACE!!!!

     But of course she didn't! Anyway I'm glad Parsifal is super sweet and I love how his brain worked. Secret mission? I was like it's a secret mission all right but the allegiance does not lie where you think it does lol! Parsifal is so adorable!

     OMG PRENDERGAST!! GAAAAHH I wish he'd just trust Elisabeth but I mean I get why he won't trust anyone! But really he ought to start seeing reason! Ashcroft WILL find a way in...I am super worried!

     BUT OMG WHEN THE CODEX TRANSFORMED INTO A MALEFICT? I was so freaking out but lol when Nathaniel came in I started to giggle at his words. 

"And who's this? A friend of yours?"

     He is SO sassy! Also he does really care for Elisabeth! I know it feels like it's too soon but I do love them together ahhhh...I WAS SO GLAD WHEN HE LET HER STAY AND THEN AGREED TO HELP HER HEHEHE! Also I love how when he calls her a menace, it just sounds cute lol! My heart was all-

     LOVED the meeting between Nathaniel and Kat and how they talked. ALSO OMG I LOVE KAT'S EXPLANATION OF HOW EL IS A TRUE CHILD OF THE LIBRARAY! Makes sense! I mean all those books do have powers and the exposure to them has 'altered' El in some ways? I think it's kind of an unique explanation in fantasy. 

     OKAY EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED FROM THE BALLROOM TO END OF 27??? I am dead. that was a lot to take into in three chapters! I was just reading crazily and gasping and going "NOOOOOOOOO"

I mean THAT DUEL?? The moment it started, I was like


     Nathaniel's house let in Elisabeth and that really warmed my heart. Also I love how the moment he finds out Silas went back to the Otherworld, his reaction is akin to "I'd be lost without my butler, let's get him back" Just <33 AND HE IS BACKKKK

-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

What do you think is going to happen with Silas? And Ashcroft? 


Uma @books.bags.burgers  is a crazy albeit nice book dragon who when not decoding the human existence in secret labs, spends the day bemoaning her lack of pastel books and trying to make sure her TBR doesn't kill her overnight.





  • Gargee Singh Bhadoria

    Almost forgot. NATHANIEL IS BI!!!!!!!!!! (at least) MY HEART IS SO HAPPY!

  • Suparna Dey

    I like Parsifal,he is a bit intelligent and adorable (Not as much as my Hero Nathaniel).And I feel sorry for Prendergast.It isn’t easy for him to trust someone because he bargained his life to keep that secret.
    Nathaniel really care for her,maybe even love her.He can’t left her all alone and I loved when he agreed to support her.He is adorable 😍.And Silas! OMG! It was like everything Elisabeth thought of him was true,he cared for Nathaniel.
    Nathaniel’s house proved that he cared and trusted Elisabeth more than anything….it felt as if Nathaniel’s house welcomed me not Elisabeth.And I hope Nathaniel could call Silas back

  • Shatarupa Dhar

    The books they read! If on the job I had to read books like Elisabeth, I sure would be frightened to death, literally death, by the resulting nightmares. As I like to say, in Hindi language, that feeling you get when you feel something … umm … awkward, maybe? I like to call it michmichi, learnt from an Indian TV Show. Yup! I feel michmichi when I read such things in books, and if I had to read Elisabeth’s books, I’d surely be dead. She is one brave sixteen-year-old.

    Finally! 1824! A piece of information I was desperately waiting for. Oh, author, whatchu do to me. Haha! I was going crazy trying to imagine the year for so long.

    Nooo…I will just keep my copy of the Codex (psst…the pin, that is) in an iron case and rub salt on it as well, for good measure. I suggest y’all to do it too. Don’t want it to turn into a Malefict now, do you? And how does he do it? Is it because he’s a sorcerer? How does Nathaniel keep calm under such situations? Seriously Uma, just love Nathaniel’s sassiness and that cool attitude. Ahaha…my heart is singing, coz Nathaniel is smiling. He’s finally coming around, it seems. I also love his ability to joke around about everything, already there’s so much gloom and doom.

    My, my…I wonder what kind of sinister puppets will there be in the Thorn’s basement though.

    I’m glad that Nathaniel and Katrien finally meet, even if through the scrying mirror. And Elisabeth being a true child of the library is something I now may be getting to understand. OMG! And they decide to go on the offensive now? Pity though, that it wasn’t a fairy tale, I’d have loved to enjoy a little relaxation in the Royal Ball. A little dining and drinking and dancing. And to see Nathaniel’s magic, soaking in his created illusions, you know.

    Nathaniel and Elisabeth are a team now and nothing makes me happier! But nooo…not again. Why every beautiful memory has to be marred by something so horrible. Their first kiss happened under a spell cast by Ashcroft. Aaargh!

    That fight though, it was totally out of the blue. What.A.Fight! What a heart-stopping and breathtaking fight! And heartbreaking too. Oh Silas! Just when I started caring about you. But I remembered him saying earlier that iron didn’t kill him, that it only banished him to the Otherworld, when he was handing Elisabeth the Demonslayer. He somehow wormed his way into my heart, even though I know he’s a demon and I know his reality too, especially with sacrificing himself to save Nathaniel from that fatal blow. And wow, I’m talking about characters as if they’re real people. Haha!

    I didn’t know I’d be so happy one day while reading about dark magic being performed. What a place for today’s session to end. As joyous as frightening it was, “Hello, Nathaniel.”

    I’m a bit scared actually, about Silas coming back. I mean, he’s coming straight from the Otherworld. Won’t he be in a more demonic avatar? What I mean is, more raw, more demon-like maybe. And Ashcroft, I wish that bastard be brought to justice, and soon. And may he suffer a painful death. Humph!

    Today’s chapters were joyous, intense, heartwarming, sad, devastating, everything!

  • Gargee Singh Bhadoria

    I was so sure he’d die to give more motivation to Elisabeth but I guess it’s nice that he didn’t. It was obvious that something had happened when he went all faint on the balcony but I don’t blame Elisabeth for not taking it seriously. Also, TRUE CHILD OF THE LIBRARY! WHAT A TREAT! I just have one problem with the conjecture. I mean, I get why other apprentices don’t get affected, but what about the wardens who have spent their entire lives in the library? They should have some effect on them as well. I get the whole “they are fully developed and hence less susceptible to change” thing, but spending their entire lives surrounded by books should result in something similar inside them as well. On that note, as it has been established that Elisabeth is super strong and has survived encounters that might end up in her death with barely a scratch, she faints an AWFUL lot. Like, anytime it seems like it would be boring to describe what happens next, she just goes unconscious. I don’t have any other problem with the writing, but this seems like a lazy overused plot point.

    BACK TO THE DUEL! Thorn summoning THORNS! I love such literal metaphors! Also, when Elisabeth is fighting, I guess it’s okay to assume that she has some training because she was an apprentice on her way to become a warden, I’d wish they reference it more. Like how exactly she learned to fight and use a sword. You can’t defeat Maleficts and demons on strength alone, you need skill. I would have liked it better if there were some references to her training in such fight scenes and maybe say that the director taught her all of that. Also, THE LEAP WAS SO AWESOME! Too bad it was cut short.

    Also, SILAS! I knew he’d get there to stop Ashcroft but I did not expect him to get run through. WHY DID YOU DO THAT SILAS!? But I wasn’t exactly sad that he died, because as they have mentioned demons can’t be permakilled in the Prime Material plane (a bit of D&D terminology there) but only in their own realm. Which is why I also thought that Lorelai would be back as soon as Ashcroft gets the chance and killing her wasn’t a big deal.

    Now, on to the deal with the demon thing. I get that sorcerors only have their affinity for magic with their deals, but if you can just kill a demon in the prime material plane and have that deal broken, why won’t people do it ALL THE TIME. Like, just make a demon deal, sell your soul, when you are done, kill the demon and be free of the deal. This, I feel, is one of the weak parts of the lore.

    Anyway, I kind of ended up listening to a bit of Chapter 28 as well, and OH BOY it’s getting fired up in there!

  • Belinda Smith

    Okay! This was a roller coaster!! Starting from the first chapter I read today!!!

    I love how the moment Elisabeth dozed off a little, Gertrude caught her and the FIRST thing she says is dump the guy who is making you stay up all night!!!

    Parsifal is such a geek… so meeee… Elisabeth on a secret mission to save the world!! That’s awesome!!

    The codex became a Malefict!! OH NO!! Nathaniel! my man!!! He is sassy as hell!! I love how the Malefict was baring his fangs at him trying to be dangerous and he goes “Charming”!! I am loving him!!!! He agreed to help her!!! I love how they are working together!!!

    The team is awesome!!! Katrien, Nathaniel, Elisabeth and Silas!!! Damn!!!

    Katrien and Silas planning World Domination! I want it to happen!

    Elisabeth is a booklouse🤣🤣 THAT EXPLANATION THO!! She is literally the true child of the library!

    Ashcroft in the Library!! I wanna hit him!!! The Ball!!! It was MAGICAL!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

    Everything that happened after they entered the Ball was …. wow… like no other words to be said to that!
    The revelations… and Ashcroft is such a sly dude! HOW DARE HE PUT A SPELL ON NATHANIEL!!!! It felt a little too easy with them telling the truth in front of everyone and Ashcroft getting flustered and leaving! But DAMN! How did they catch Silas!?!?
    I am hating Lorelai so much!!! More than Ashcroft!!!!
    Oh my god the fight!!! The duel was AMAZING!!! I screamed NOOOOOO when Nathaniel fell!

    SILAS SACRIFICED HIMSELF FOR NATHANIEL! I am dead!😭😭😭😭 I had to re-read the whole passage thrice before it sank in!!!

    I completely forgot that Ashcroft was just a guy without Lorelai!! That means Nathaniel!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭

    Silas and Elisabeth went shopping for the dress!!! I am not ready for this!!!

    THE HOUSE LET HER IN!!! I AM SHOOK!!! What an incredible way of finding out Nathaniel trusts her!!!

    Nathaniel is okay! THANK GOD!!!!
    No one is allowed to touch the trays!!! Only Silas!!! Always only Silas!!!

    Silas.Is.Back!!!! ✨✨✨✨✨ Thank you for finishing today’s portion like this!! I would not have survived otherwise!!!

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