Sorcery of Thorns Readalong - Day #6


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Okay Day 6 of the readalong and we are so close to the end !!!!Grab your weapons and wits and let's get started!

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for the chapters 28 to 31. So unless you’ve read them, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

     Okay OKAY so Silas totally freaked me out. That was SUCH a tense scene when they brought Silas back and bargained with him. I was aghast when he asked for 30 years and absolutely touched when Elisabeth gave 10. OMG despite having good in him, hungry Silas is CREEPY and DANGEROUS too.

     Although I love how once Silas is back, everything in the house is orderly. That scene where he adjusts the cutting board so it's parallel to the counter edge? I absolutely relate lol. Also the explanation about how the bargain works was interesting. I liked how he explained it to Elisabeth comparing it to a burning lamp.

     Also I appreciate how honest Silas is. He even told Elisabeth frankly not to ever free him because he was an absolute monster when not bound to servitude. it also petrified me as it did Elisabeth.

     I love that Nathaniel was making it snow even it kind of inconvenienced people. snow is far better than bleeding walls! The postman saying "That sorcerer of yours" made me smile! Also when he wakes up, the first thing he does is feel bad over the fact that Elisabeth gave 10 years. AND OMG THE BANTER STARTS IMMEDIETELY? I'm SO here for the characters who bicker and banter and then kiss. I giggled when Elisabeth told him she fought the book of eyes in her nightgown.

     DAMN THAT ASHCROFT HE FOUND A WAY IN! I knew that would happen! Also the fact that the libraries make up a pentagram? Any Supernatural friends here cause that reminded me of the season 2 finale where the churches make up a pentagram (Devil's trap). BUT oh heavens, Ashcroft's plan is terrifying! I is scared.

     Chapter 31 really frustrated me that they didn't believe Elisabeth and Nathaniel! The libraries need better communication! Someone get them a TV and a cell phone with internet connection. It was so annoying when Hyde just made his own assumptions about them and called Elisabeth a traitor ughhh


-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

How do you think Elisabeth and Nathaniel are going to escape? And how do you think Ashcroft is going to attack the library? 


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  • Sabarritha

    Woah.. Silas is a dangerous fellow.. I felt chillls in that bargain scene.. I loved how El gave her 10 years too. And finally there’s a romance scene between El and Nat.. ❤️❤️❤️
    The library people are so mean to them.. And it’s nearing the end.. how they are going to fight against the great evil?!!!

  • Suparna Dey

    Silas is cold blooded but he is honest.Margaret nailed Silas’s character,I mean wow,demon who is honestly cruel.What an idea!
    Finally Nathaniel and Elisabeth romance time 😍oh how long I waited for this…
    Director and wardens have simply wrong idea of sorcerers,they need a class to get doubts cleared.How dare Hyde called Elisabeth a traitor 😠.
    That big library pentagram idea was fabulous.Seriously author’s imagination powers are fantastic.We are near end and so much left to save and sort out…what’s gonna happen😰 I am eating my nails

  • Krina Gudhka

    Firstly, thanks for featuring my picture!❤️
    I was so happy with Silas backkkk! El is so selfless. It did not astound me when she bargained with Silas. She is someone who will go to endless bounds for her love. So brave!
    When they banter and kiss, I’m like finallllyyyyy! Good thing Nathaniel got over his insecurities and decided to accept his feelings.
    Can they just go to the frozen River and ice skate? 🙄❤️
    Ashcroft is so cruel! And the fact that all this had been planned on before setting up the libraries. Such planning and viciousness!
    Can’t wait to find out how they stop it.
    I’m definitely reading it tonight itself🙊

  • Gargee Singh Bhadoria

    Once again, I listened to the next chapter without realising, so I have a little bit of an idea of how they would get out. And oh boy, Ashcroft is coming. Don’t know how, but he is. This the last library left and if he is summoning THE DEMON, he will be there. Also, nobody noticed in all this time that the great libraries are in the shape of a pentagram???? Come on, people, use your brains. And yep, it reminded me of Supernatural season 2 finale as well, and that did not go well. Maybe these people will also find a gun from Samuel Colt and kill the Yellow-Eyed Demon with it, lol.

    OMG HUNGRY SILAS WAS CREEPY! But it was fun to see Silas give in to his base instincts. Not sure whether I wanted them to appeal for the real Silas to return or if am happy with the way things went. But what I know for sure is that I did not believe for even one moment that Silas got himself killed just so he could get a better bargain.

    Elisabeth and Nathaniel getting interrupted when stuff was going down, so cliche.

    Am I allowed to HATE these library peeps? Not one person that we have met shows an understanding of how their world works, that magic is an integral part of it. They all just seem to hate magic, while they study and protect books about said magic. How does that make sense to these people? They work with sorcerors and yet hate what they do. I mean, I understand the whole deal with the devil thing is not appetising, but they kind of work for sorcerors. Keep their books safe and catalogued for them. It’s understandable, but I still find the whole concept weird.

    And ofc, they didn’t believe Elisabeth and Nathaniel. I don’t think they would have, even if Elisabeth didn’t bear the mark of her deal or had shown some kind of attachment to Nathaniel. These are the same people who thought that keeping all their class 10 grimoires in the same library would be SAFE. Like, anyone can see that’s a stupid thing to do. They solemnly believe their library to be impenetrable, so they won’t do anything to fend off an attack. TLDR, libraries are full of stupid people. Also, in a society where sorcery exists and is a part of daily life, why don’t the libraries have a fast system of communicating?

  • Belinda Smith

    I feel like Elisabeth and Nathaniel would help in the fight against Ashcroft in the library!!! Maybe they will end the battle here once and for all!! Cuz I cannot even imagine going against Ashcroft after he succeeds in his attempt…
    But doesn’t he know that summoning Archon would let the demons free? Or does he want that? If he does, why?!?! I need to know the reasoning behind Ashcroft’s actions!

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