Sorcery of Thorns Readalong - Day #7


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Okay Day 7 of the readalong and we are done !!!! We have a total case of feels now!

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for the chapters 32 to Epilogue. So unless you’ve read them, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

     First of all, can we all take a moment to fangirl about the last sentence of the epilogue? Like I legit screamed and danced around with the book in my hands as the candles went out.

     This post is just going to be me gushing about Silas. Like when he came helped them escape? And embarrassed Nathaniel in the process? I was howling with laughter. How Nathaniel was trying to explain his crazy moments to Elisabeth was so funny!

"I'll have you know," Nathaniel said, "that that was an accident, and the public certainly didn't mind. One woman even sent me flowers." To Elisabeth, he added, "Don't worry. She was forty years old, and her name was Mildred."

     And damn Ashcroft possessing the directors to get to the grimoires felt so horrible. It made me so mad when he brought up Irena. I could totally understand Elisabeth's fury when he did so. I wanted to reach into the pages and choke him to death. 

     Also Nathaniel did an AWESOME job with the malefict. Loved the way he tricked it and how the head of the chronicles got severed. Like great thinking boo!! 

     ALSO OMG THE LIBRARY WANTED TO FIGHT BACK. And there were some lines in the final chapter that were just so powerful and I loved them

The library no more belonged to Ashcroft and his plot than Elisabeth belonged to the unknown parents who had brought her into this world. It possessed a life of its own, had become something greater than Cornelius had ever intended. For these were not ordinary books the libraries kept. They were knowledge, given life. Wisdom, given voice. They sang when starlight streamed through the library's windows. They felt pain and suffered heartbreak. Sometimes they were sinister, grotesque - but so was the world outside. And that made the world no less worth fighting for, because wherever there was darkness, there was also so much life.

     And when the books were sacrificing themselves to close the rift I actually teared up just like Elisabeth. 

     THE BEST PART OF IT ALL WAS SILAS. When she freed him and even though he could have killed them both and did try to hurt Nathaniel, he stepped back and fought for them. Those few pages were so intense and had me holding my breath. 

     OMG I WAS SO GLAD THAT KATRIEN SOMEHOW GOT FINCH SENT AWAYYY. I was so happy. And I KNEW IT! Mistress wick knew who Elisabeth was and totally approved! *happy dance* i liked how Elisabeth said she needed time to think about what she wanted next. And how they hired Mercy? I was so happy about that, and how bold she was. I absolutely approve!

     AND OF COURSE COMING BACK TO SILAS! I feel we won't have to worry about any lost years for Nathaniel or Elisabeth because it's going to be Silas returning and not Silanthris. I wish we'd get a feel-good novella of what happens next!


-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

What did you think of the ending? What are your thoughts on Silas? 


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  • My best fantasy book of the year…start was superb and ending was magnificent.And Ashcroft was nothing but a kind of maniac.But Nathaniel and Elisabeth’s bonding is so good.He torn the malefict in half and Elisabeth realised how much he love her😍.The library and books,fighting is the most beautiful part.Love can change the cruelty and coldness in a person.Silas turned into Silariathas I was crying in that whole chapter.😭
    Nathaniel and Elisabeth are together atlast.Wow.And Silas is coming back.I was literally dancing at that part.I am so sad the book ended.😣I want more of Silas’s humor Nathaniel’s awkwardness with Elisabeth.I will miss them.

    • Suparna Dey
  • It was a pitch perfect ending. No notes! Silas proved himself to be what we imagined him to be all along, a demon with goodness inside of him.

    So, in this part of the book, we see why Ascroft really wanted to summon Archon. He thought that the demon would help him bring good into the world. I wish they had explored this grey in his character from the start. Rather than dropping it on us in the end.

    The true child of the library understanding the library was so cool. Elisabeth had always understood the library and its inhabitants. She had showed compassion when others had only shown scorn. And her trust in them was rewarded over and over. It was truly sad to see knowledge being destroyed and grimoires which had spent their entire lives in captivity turn to ashes after only being free for a short time.

    The way Nathaniel dealt with the malefict of the Book of the Dead. A+ (love me some decapitation).

    The final battle, very climactic. I always had an inkling that Elisabeth would release Silariathas from his bonds and was just waiting for it to happen. Very cool how they played it out. How they reminded him of his true self. Silariathas may have his true nature, what he was supposed to be, but in the end it was Silas who won, the compassionate otherworlder he had become. This is especially why I like the last lines of the epilogue. The whole nature versus nurture thing. He had changed so much, that his “true name” no longer resembled it. And I think that’s just neat.

    • Gargee Singh Bhadoria
  • Give me a Silas that’s interested in humans and give me Nathaniel and i would never ask for anything else in life. Omg Liz and Nathaniel hugging Silas and Silas being visibly uncomfortable with that gives me internse Loki vibes! Liz realising there’s a lot of grey in the world instead of just back and white is the kind of character development I’m here for! Also, how badass can Silas be and how much of a Diva! I mean he needs to be in fashion all the time and is totally okay with killing things but not getii gbhis hands literally dirty! Again, Loki vibes!

    OMG Ashcroft is possessing Hyde! I mean it’s not too wild to imagine but it still hits the same. I was expecting Hyde to be “in cahoots” with Ashcroft more than i was expecting this! This is so mu h better though! Of course he was possessing the Directors! He got in and out so easily!

    I have to admit i like villains who are completely taken over by their idea of what’s right and who truly believe what they’re going is for the greater good, but I do not like Ashcroft at all. I mean just no, the dude is gross! Also Liz is HELLA strong! You go kween!

    I DID NOT DRAW A BREATHE THE ENTIRE CHAPTER 34! I think I underestimated how truly powerful Nathaniel was because Silas was the one rescuing them till now and Nathaniel was so young to be capable of this kind of magic but my my! He proved himself worth loving! I loved this chapter, the flow, the writing, the action! And Silas’s hair finally flying free? I mean what more could one want! Although i would have liked to know more about the Malefict’s effect on Nathaniel just to see how high the steaks really were.

    Also I am officially in love with Nathaniel’s sass amd humour. What a character! But okay so Liz can stroke his hair and tell him she loves him and show all signs of gratefulness that hes not dead but ONE line from Silas melts my heart okay? And I’d rather ship Silas and Nathaniel than Liz amd Nathaniel.

    Silas looking at the glimpse of the Otherworld in yearning reminds me so much of the Doctor when he found Gallifrey hidden in the pocket of the universe. How he wanted so much to go home but he knew he couldn’t. It hurts so much more now!

    Aaaaah I honestly thought the library would lead Liz somewhere to discover her ancestry and answers to her abilities bit the library wanting to fight back is not a disappointment at all! THE LIBRARY WANTS TO FIGHT BACK! That is brilliant!

    Okay NOW i accept how Liz’s powers came into being. The library willed it into her itself. The library that was alive with all these magnificent books. Anf maybe now i can let go of a ancestral link because this is beautiful in itself. Not destined but willed into greatness.

    OMG lix finally greed Silas! And our pure Silas took over!!! I am freaking out!! But NO! You don’t kill him and bring him ba k just to kill him again this is cruel! This is the kind of cruelty Marvel gives us with Loki and i can’t take any more if it 😭😭

    I feel like i need to keep writing about what a well written character Silas is and how much I love him but I still have an Epilogue to read. GAAAAAAAAH! You kill him you bring him back, you kill him again and then you leave me with this! I mean this is more indication tham most books/movies give but you could’ve give me one last dialogue from him 😭😭 But I’m ready to believe Silas is back and truly Silas this time and nobody can convince me otherwise. Amd who know maybe this Silas IS interested in humans after all🎉

    • Rajnandini
  • Wow.. what an amazing book!!
    I loved it.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    The epilogue scene is the best.. I was holding the breath for some awesomesauce to happen and it did.. I’m a happy grimoire now..
    I teared up too in that scene of grimoires protecting her and sacrificing themselves.. I felt like Aladdin releasing Genie in that scene when El releases Silas from his service.. it was so kind of her to do that.. and when he became the demon he is, the way he acted and calling Nat, an ant was hilarious.
    I forgot about Mercy completely.. I loved the way the author gave happy endings to everyone..

    Wow.. what an amazing book!!
    I loved it.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    The epilogue scene is the best.. I was holding the breath for some awesomesauce to happen and it did.. I’m a happy grimoire now..
    I teared up too in that scene of grimoires protecting her and sacrificing themselves.. I felt like Aladdin releasing Genie in that scene when El releases Silas from his service.. it was so kind of her to do that.. and when he became the demon he is, the way he acted and calling Nat, an ant was hilarious.
    I forgot about Mercy completely.. I loved the way the author gave happy endings to everyone..Thank you guys for hosting this readalong and for the cute and sassy discussion posts.❤️❤️❤️

    • Sabarritha
  • Nathaniel getting embarrassed in front of El was so cute. Love how Silas appears whenever in need and he always has the best lines and timing.
    The Library wanted to fight back!! I felt so bad the grimoires sacrificed themselves in order to save the library and the kingdom. Books can feel too. It was so touching.
    I wanted one of the Malefict to annoy Ashcroft for all his cruelty. And Archon? Duh, obviously he was not going to be your pet.
    Good thing he saw himself fail.
    When El releases Silas, I almost cried. He fought. He fought for them. Silas’s character surprised me the most. I’m in love with him.
    A demon can love and care. He could too feel deeply. And he did.
    I jumped when Elisabeth called out Silas and he reappeared. Like yayyyyy!
    Katrien got rid of Finch was one of the best scene. Knew she was a badass smartie since the beginning.
    Just the happy ending they deserved.
    I’m so in love with this book. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Krina Gudhka