Spin the Dawn - A Poem

(Image Courtesy -the lovely author Elizabeth Lim herself)


Secrets are meant to be hidden, mine is too,

People can't never have a clue,

I sit in the Royal court and sew,

Never in my life, my hands like this flew,

To stitch with the finest yarn and thread,

Handmade from toe to head,

Enough! They said, a new journey awaits,

Designed solely to test your traits,

As the Emperor's bride to be,

Wishful for a three magic gowns to see,

Nowhere to hide, the gowns were made as I


                                               From the laughter of the sun,
                                              The tears of the moon,
                                              And the blood of the stars.


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1 comment

  • That is such a beautiful poem, Marila! Perfectly rhymed, and what I loved most was how you incorporated the title of the book. That’s very ingenious of you. clapping

    • Shatarupa Dhar