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Spin the Dawn Readalong - Day #2

(Image Courtesy -Uma @books.bags.burgers )

Ahhh second day of the readalong and we're all already hooked *heart eyes*! Loved your comments on yesterday's post and all your guesses about what might happen.

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for the chapters 6 to 10. So unless you’ve read them, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

      Okay I loved it when Ammi came flirted with Maia and she first didn't understand it? she kept wondering why Ammi was being so earnest and kind and i was shouting into the book "Oh Maia! Open your eyes! You have an admirer" <3 And later I'm so glad Ammi helped Maia with the spices for her dyes. 

     I am SO curious about the Emperor! Something is amiss and I don't quite like it. The way Maia was pulled towards him at the garden was definitely unnatural and I need to know more. Why is everyone so enamored by him?

     OKAY SO! LORD ENCHANTER EDAN! I. Love. Sassy Characters. I just can't help it!

     I like that he wants to help Maia. But the moment he guesses who she was, I did worry for a few seconds. And I wonder why the scissors made the girl in the shawl resemble Maia. As Edan points out, she's not the same but the resemblance is there. Was it maybe one of her ancestors? Why did the scissors draw the girl on the shawl?

     And I'm sure someone took started the drinking contest and got all the tailors drunk. I suspect Yindi or Norbu. Maia is right to be suspicious! 

     OKAY LADY SARNAI SURE IS SADISTIC.  Suddenly turning up and asking for slippers made of the most ridiculous materials! But also her jibe at Edan for liking "Keton" Maia, I totally laughed and I liked how he was not surprised or anything, and answered calmly. 

     And okay I agree with Edan, I wish she'd use the scissors. Carefully, but still use them. I was kind of flabbergasted when she went buried them. But then oh she saw Lady Sarnai and I understand how she's feeling. I still don't like how cruel she is to the tailors; it's not their fault she's here. but like Maia I do pity her now.


-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

What do you think of the other tailors and Lady Sarnai? Also why do you think the Emperor is the way he is? all attractive unnaturally? I suspect Edan to be honest!

Uma @books.bags.burgers  is a crazy albeit nice book dragon who when not decoding the human existence in secret labs, spends the day bemoaning her lack of pastel books and trying to make sure her TBR doesn't kill her overnight.


  • Anasua Mandal

    The story is as enchanting as the aura the Emperor has! I can’t put the book down, and want to keep turning page after page!
    Lord Enchanter Edan doesn’t seem like the Darkling anymore, a little Loki but maybe not, I can’t wait to find out more about him. I like that he wants to help Maia, but if he has ulterior motives, I’d be so disappointed because I think I’ve taken a liking to him!
    Lady Sarnai seems a very mixed character, I don’t know whether I like or dislike her. She’s homesick and furious at having her choices taken away, and I think if she’d known Maia’s secret, they might have become confidantes. But it’s hard to tell whether she’d use it to punish Maia or become close friends. We’ll wait and see.
    Something doesn’t quite strike me right about the Emperor. What is that warm aura Maia mentions when he comes to see the tailors? Why is everyone so enamoured with him? Interesting stuff.
    Norbu seems fishy to me but I think Longhai is kind.
    Can’t wait for the story to progress further!

  • Ayman Khan

    I am pretty sure the emperor is not who he shows he is. Edan is amazing 😍 i am liking Maia’s character Development. Norbu is surely sketchy.

  • Padmapriya P

    I can see through Maia’s eyes , when the story unfolds. I feel like the book is like a poem recited by Maia. From the beginning the book has kept me intrigued on various things.
    Her courage , determination , dedication. Also she knows the use of scissors , but wants to win purely by her skill. I love how she puts faith only in skill. I also want her to do more delights /garments using the scissors. Let’s wait and see.

    About the other tailors , I live Longhai how he treats Maia , offers her to work under him. He is like a fatherly figure to Maia here. Though she doesn’t expect this , she welcomed it.

    Tailor who ruined/try to ruin her work out if jealousy and competition , I lived how those characters were potrayed as well.
    Slowly the cruel characters will turn more evil ;-)

    Edan is absolute mess. He startles Maia everytime he talks to her , and as she tells he loved mocking her. It’s cute. Their conversations mean more than mere words , he gives her importance because of the scissors also admires her true talents. Encourages her to do more , but never force her. He stays on his limit and let her decide on her own. I respect that. I wonder if we will get to know more about his past.

    Lady Sarnai is rude , harsh to those people who won’t fight her. So she plays with the competition , insults them , mistreats her maids. She does all this for various reasins. 1. She can’t vent out anger to emperor 2. Being a princess she can’t even cry , she hides when she does.3 She despise magic is what she tells, but she also uses them I guess , in moderate amount. She needs to find ways to delay marraige so she is giving impossible tasks to tailors.

  • Bhagyashree Bhat

    This is such an exciting read. No dull moments in the story.

    Loving the chemistry between Edan & Maia. He always suddenly appears to help her out. And their interactions are simoly adorable. Love such sassy & cool characters like Edan. 🤩

    I still strongly suspect as Norbu being the bad guy who must have dropped tea on Maia’s shawl & is taking everone drinking so that they underperform or make mistakes on the day of the challenge. That guy is definitely giving me bad vibes. 😐

    Lady Sarnai is such a confusing character dont know whether to like her, hate her or pity her. Waiting to see how her character develops.😀


  • Belinda Smith

    Ammi flirting and Maia not understanding it was so cute!! Ammi is a good soul! I like her!

    The Emperor is intriguing… almost like he has some weird way of attracting people to him. He is almost like a sorcerer or something. I cannot put my finger on it tho.

    ALRIGHT! FINALLY! EDAN, my man!!! There is always something about sassy characters that just keeps me going. He wants Maia to win. He is helping Maia…. I need answers!!! Tell me more, Edan!!!💕💕💕💕💕💕

    The tailors are still weird for me… there is someone who is sabotaging everyone…. I suspected Norbu in the first five chapters but I am adding Yindi to the suspicious list too!!!

    Lady Sarnai killing those birds…. not cool! I get that her situation is not the best. But to take it out on other people is petty.

    I dint get why she is burying the scissors!!! She HAS to win and the scissors would help her!!! Why try to ditch it???

    Lady Sarnai is definitely in a difficult and sad situation. She feels betrayed by her father. Poor girl…

    I feel like there is something more to Edan and the Emperor… I don’t know what but I need more!! There is definitely something mystical about the Emperor, for sure!!!

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