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Spin the Dawn Readalong - Day #4

(Image Courtesy -Uma @books.bags.burgers )

OK wow Part 2 has started and the journey has begun!

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for the chapters 17 to 21. So unless you’ve read them, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

     Okay so this is the part where not that much is happening but it's still fast and interesting, making sure we keep turning the pages!

    OKAY SO  FINALLY THE DRESSES! Seriously it's such a close to impossible quest and honestly Lady Sarnai is being a total crazy person. I was so scared she was going to remember all about Maia but thank God. I legit don't get why the dresses are THAT important

      I'm enjoying learning more about Edan but damn the dude's guarding his secrets close.

     I'm so curious. I mean the Emperor is sick after Edan left so we can be 100% sure that Edan is behind the Emperor's magnificense. And obviously he bound to the emperor in some way and yet has found a way of escaping direct command. Gotta appreciate his guts.

     But I wonder what kind of hold a sickly emperor can have over a powerful enchanter! So curious.

        And Maia's right. He is probably having more trouble than her in the desert and he constantly looks tired. I can't wait for all the readers to find his hidden secrets along with Maia.

        The descriptions and the banter are my favourite. The writing is so wonderful that the imagery is super realistic and I feel like I'm traveling with Maia and Edan.

         Some scenes made me chuckle; like how in the drinking house Maia gets leather for free but Edan overpays for silk. It's nice to see the Lord Enchanter isn't all brilliant.

        Also aren't you curious about the comment Edan makes about Enchanters not leaving descendants. What is the secret of Maia's family and her grandmother!

        ALSO OKAY ALMOST FORGOT! NORBU THAT ASS ESCAPED!!! I am so salty anout that. I really hoped he'd be excecuted but UGH!!!


-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

What do you think Edan is hiding? Why are the dresses so important?

Uma @books.bags.burgers  is a crazy albeit nice book dragon who when not decoding the human existence in secret labs, spends the day bemoaning her lack of pastel books and trying to make sure her TBR doesn't kill her overnight.


  • Madhuri Lalwani

    To begin, reading it on the “ninth day of the ninth month” added to the mystique of it. I understand I’m late here but doesn’t make the discussion or my response any less enthusiastic. ❤️

    So, as soon as I heard about the dresses I couldn’t resist but look at the hardcover. What I imagined to be was different (and remember Papiya describing on the bnb stories was that it looked like a sun, moon and the clouds) and when I received it I thought the sun was a shy playful one somehow. But when I read about the stars, I couldn’t help but find them in the logo. Great job done with withholding what the very first page meant. I feel like that mystery is portrayed just as creatively and is kept from the reader till the half.

    Interestingly, talking of the format I also find the map the most useful in this mid section. It’s brilliant how visualising Edan take the map from his pocket made me want to turn to the map just to correlate with his actions.

    When I first realized Edan might’ve been the hawk I imagined him taking the turns back to the palace to help the Emperor as well. However, later it made more sense to think of his absence as an instance of him checking on his health. I feel what he’s hiding could literally be devastating if it’s out. In a way, he might be reiterating that they’re (he and Maia) not friends, so that he’s not accountable to her questions or he isn’t obliged to answer to her. But we also see that he’s just as much in need of a friend as much as Maia is.

    The phrase “if I made it home” (Pg. 193) makes me wonder if there’s something that’ll keep her in the Palace. That means even though she’s not to die (which is a good enough hint), she’s not fleeing from the Palace any soon.

    The dresses are important because I think here’s where Maia explores her magic as we explore the magic Lim has used here..They’re important because their coming together not only means the coming together of different aspects of the book, or different characters but it comes with the untying of our expectations and the formation of the reality Lim has employed her craft to put forth. This is a good correlation and parallel I can’t seem to ward off my mind.

    I also find the last lines of the chapters very much like those of Khalid Hosseini (particularly reminded of The Kite Runner). The lines “The hawk was Edan”, “Tonight I would stay awake and find out what he was hiding from me” aren’t just bold statements but literally hold the upcoming chapters in a nutshell for you, almost teasing you, making you want to unwrap it all.

  • Ayman Khan

    Love the dresses.

  • Anasua Mandal

    The journey starts and it’s so fast paced and gripping even though for most of the part, it’s just banter!?
    The descriptions are so vivid, I felt like I was right there in the desert.
    I love that Edan and Maia seem to be becoming more friendly and that Edan is helping her with Lady Sarnai’s tasks (honestly, that one is off her rocker). But it seems too convenient that he knows what to do, where to go and how to do it. And with all the spider hunting, made it look too easy. So definitely something up with the Lord Enchanter.
    He keeps his secrets well guarded, and maybe hadn’t planned on getting injured while he was a hawk and that was what made Maia suspicious.
    I think all the magic he’s using is draining his energy. But with the talk of conserving magic in the desert, I have a feeling he’s channeling his power to the Emperor as well, to maintain as much of his image as possible. What hold the Emperor has over a person who can remake and mend bones with a touch is beyond me. But perhaps those secrets are in the past Edan keeps close vigil on and is linked to the mysterious charm the Emperor has.
    Gah, I can’t wait for the next bit!

  • Nairita Bala

    The dresses, I think give special powers to the one who wears them. Magical power. Even greater than the enchanter. Reading the chapters, I went back to the prologue “The Boy I Love” who is that boy?? Edan!! Well I guess Edan is the boy. He keeps his secret so close to get caught. At the same time I think he is falling for Maia, and that will put the secrets lay naked for Maia. Lady Sarnai is not only behind the emperor but also behind Edan. She wants to acquire the powers more powerful than Edan’s to capture him and eventually the Emperor will be captured too. It is Edan, who is behind Emperor’s grace, charm and might and Lady Sarnai knows it.
    Edan also disguises as The Hawk to visit The Emperor, may be. May be he has some kind of curse for that reason he is forbidden to enter the places!!
    So many thoughts!!
    Let’s see how it turns out to be in next chapters. 🙂

  • Rajnandini

    Edan is helping Maia too much I don’t like it. He better have SOMETHING else at play here or this would be quite disappointing. I don’t like Edan leaving the emperor like this. He made a huge fuss about it earlier and now he just leaves? And the explanation was all muddled and unclear. Either sloppy writing or this could be somehin major.

    If Khanujin really is sick then I’m guessing Edan stayed by his side at all times to keep him healed and healthy? He did enchat him to be charming and grab attention, he could also have enchanted him to be healthy. I am curious as to how he couldn’t enchant Lady Sarnai into liking the emperor if Edan is in fact as powerful as he says he is. She must have some kind of magic at work too. And I hope the emperor doesn’t die in the time that Edan is away on this trip.

    Um getting the spider wasn’t that difficult?? I hope the rest of it isn’t this easy?? Also what is up with Edan!! Man I need to know more about him and about the emperor!!

    I LOVE THIS HAWK! Idk why but I love it. So Edan is injured amd so was the hawk. I think Edan is the hawk or somehow connected to it like a warg kind of thing. Interesting. Well Maia think the hawk was Edan so it’s as good as canon for now.

    Edan has to be bound to the emperor somehow! I mean it’s magic and stuff and there definitely something there and I want to know what omg! Also, the first trial, exciting but not too much so I hope the next two would be better in the regard as Edan says they’ll be tougher. But I like that Maia had to do this herself since she was just given the “how” of it all by Edan which was super convenient. Also, I can see that Edan is being super helpful and nice but I’m still holding out hope that he is at least a little bit sinister or none of this would be interesting. So here’s to hoping!

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