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Spin the Dawn Readalong - Day #5

(Image Courtesy -Uma @books.bags.burgers )

Hey guys! It's Sunday so let's curl up with the book and a nice beverage so we can discuss!

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for the chapters 22 to 26. So unless you’ve read them, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

     Okay so we're learning more about Edan and I feel sorry for him. To be bound to the emperor like that can't be a happy thing even if he's being nice to him. It made me especially sad that Edan had hoped to be released by the emperor's father but that chance slipped away when he died.


      Okay so the romance is kind of fast. I'm always skeptical about really old 'immortals' falling in love with the main character for no exact proper reason. I find it hard to believe Edan didn't find anyone else interesting in his long life until Maia came along. That being said, other than this technicality, I do enjoy the romance. I enjoy the forbidden feel of it, the sweet innocence and just I *swoon* I am living for their kisses.

      And also I'm glad he has more reason than just Maia for coming along. It is his duty to make sure war does not break the fragile truce again. Lady Sarnai is putting all her hopes on Maia dying so the tasks won't be completed and the dresses won't be ready.

     Also the part where everyone assumes they're married. I was grinning like an idiot because it's a guilty pleasure trope OKAY? I love it when people have to pretend to be together/married hehehe.

          I really like that the story is moving fast. There's no dull moment even when they're simply traveling or it's just banter. 

          Also people are trying to capture them which adds to the high stakes but I feel like we don't see enough of it. The plot is solely concentrating on the tasks and although there was the one scene with the mercenaries, I'm surprised there haven't been more people out trying to capture them.

      The third task is a test of the souls and we all should be SO worried about it. The closer we move to end I'm worried despite having already read the book. shows what a good writer Elizabeth Lim is!

-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

How are you enjoying the trials so far? What do you think of the romance?

Uma @books.bags.burgers  is a crazy albeit nice book dragon who when not decoding the human existence in secret labs, spends the day bemoaning her lack of pastel books and trying to make sure her TBR doesn't kill her overnight.


  • Madhuri Lalwani

    Couldn’t help turning to the prologue to cross check if Edan is the boy who’s still trapped. Ahh. Didn’t wanna spoil that future for myself but I couldn’t help but start with that.

    Their romance is absolutely amazing. Totally a guilty pleasure. Yes! Gurl bring it in. I showed that snippet to a friend in class today of Maia calling Edan arrogant and they make out after. It’s so cute it made her wanna read the book already. Their romance is so fantastic in an unreal way. Maybe like the bridge between the real world and magic, their romance is going to persist on the threshold. Just like that very bridge or threshold is important for mortals to gain some magic. Either way, I’m rooting for this forbidden love. I don’t care ahhh they’re too beaut to be forbidden.

    I am finally so happy about Edan genuinely helping her out and being interested in her winning this. I am glad he trusts her enough to open up to her and sacrifices for her. With or without magic, I know he’ll do anything to save Maia.

    Apart from that, there’s so much to talk about in a way but is there really??? I love how the story unfolds. Their interdependence is amazing. It’s also reflecting how the characters depend on the story line and vice versa. That blend is seen clearly here.

    The second trial was honestly a lot less stressful cause guess what made it fun? I sound like such a romantic ah but yeah, it’s worth it all.

    I’m eager to see what’s yet to come. Brilliant writing, great progress. It’s so wonderfully packed.

  • Titirsha

    Edan is everything despite the fact he’s older than my great grandparents.
    The story is going so well it’s hard to keep it down at this point. The second task seemed a little bit easier than the first one because Maia had been already suffering the heat from the desert and then she almost got baked in the temple. The second task was psychologically exhausting just as Edan warned.
    And oh my gawwwd… Edan’s secret is out to Maia. I love that Maia isn’t like many other "let’s pretend I don’t know what’s happening " kind of protagonist.
    The growing intimacy and dependency between Maia and Edan is just amazing. When he brought her flower I almost jumped in happiness.
    Edan the secretive enchanter is now slowly opening himself to Maia. The best part about the whole story is nothing feels foreced neither stretched than needed. We get action when needed, we get romance when needed and of course magic.
    This chapters showed us how the scissors are also capable of helping Maia not only making clothes but defending during a fight. I’m intrigued to see what other things the scissor is capable of. And now we finally know why emperor khanujin is Charming and Intimidating, he draws it from Edan maybe that’s why in Edan’s absence he’s not coming out Infront of the people.

  • Ayman Khan

    Ikr. The romance is too fast. As we draw close towards the end , everything is making me uneasy.

  • Anasua Mandal

    Edan, oh gods, EDAN!!
    I feel so bad for him, being tied to masters to do their bidding and have your life and power in their hands just seems so sad to me. I hope he is freed a la Genie (from Aladdin).
    I loved the exchanges between Korin and Maia, they seemed so hearty and helpful!
    I love love love the adorable romance! I’m a sucker for conversation and the little things and Edan bringing flowers also reminded me of Kanej with the wild geraniums and I just spent most of that part going awww over Maia finally letting herself be appreciated and loved. So UwU!
    Also, Edan became an enchanter quite young and by his own admission, was very sure of being able to change the world with his abilities. I doubt that changed too much until Khanujin’s father did not fulfill his promise to free him. I think it broke his heart a little and made him more resigned to his life. Possibly the strain of keeping his master alive and the kingdom together has not allowed him any leeway to have time for himself and seek out someone to fall in love with. He is a magic welder after all, and people in the kingdom are either afraid of magic or superstitious and suspicious about it. So although Ammi had said he used to flirt with the maids before Lady Sarnai arrived, I doubt he was looking for anything more than some distraction.
    Or maybe he really had tried his hand at romance and failed for reasons known to him until Maia, who was not an enchanter but wielded her own limited magic and understood him.
    They have been on the toad, together and alone for quite some time so I think the initial interest only grew naturally into affection and possibly now love. It’s adorable to read, and the way it’s written is so beautiful that I can see them so bashful and happy.
    The writing is do fast laced, and so much happens, it’s a race to keep up with all the details.
    Swimming in the freezing water for the moonlight? How like Harry (Potter) going into the lake for Gryffindor’s sword!
    The third task sounds especially hard so can’t wait to see how they tackle it with a magic flying carpet (like Aladdin) and retrieve the final ingredient (like the third task of the Triwizard Tournament). I hope there are no Portkeys (aka troubles) for Maia but who knows?

    Also, Edan as a hawk?! Beautiful and amazing and aaah!!!

  • Rajnandini

    So this caravan, very suspicious. OMG THEY’RE EATIG RATS WTF! Also this increasing warmth between Edan and Maia seems more natural than Elizabeth anf Nathaniel (Sorcery of Thorns) so I’m happy.

    Ah the hangover :‘)
    When Maia compares her headache to being attacked by demons and Edan says "it’s not as bad a that" THAT’S the kind of thing that makes me hold out hope that Edan has an interesting grey past but I NEED to know more about it aaahh it’s so frustrating!

    EDAN IS BOUND TO KHANUJIN!! (Dare I say just like Silas was bound to Nathaniel!) The parallels are striking! AND HE IS A HAWK! The beans are being spilled!! Oh god he gets weaker amd weaker as he goes away from Khanujin?! I know it’s not love but it sounds so much like it! (Wonder what the says about love but nevermind that). Edan is becoming a saint page after page but at least now I know more about his past.

    They got too sappy too soon for me. Chapter twenty three was allike a romance novel. More sappy stuff, they’re making out now. More natural, as I said, than SoT but let’s get on with it. OF COURSE Maia would take the road Edan warns her about because she’s angry at him, of course!

    One never thinks about what happens to the corpses after war. They just lay there, with no one to claim them, all identity stripped by vultures and rats alike. It’s a sad scene and the author gives it a great perspective. Onto the journey, I would have been pissed if nothing bad came of the caravan but it did! But also, Edan and his magic!!

    OMG THE SECOND TRIAL! So much better, I held my breathe for the entirety of this chapter. Beautiful! I like hat fact that Maia asked Edan to make a choice and he did. He didn’t just leave it at that. He made up his mind and he said he’ll figure it out as he goes. He might not be as layered a harscer as I wanted him to be but he will do, I like him. And getting to know more about his past doesn’t hurt either. ND it’s also good to find that he had some legit reasons to come with Maia because him just coming along out of the goodness of his heart or even love was not a good enough reason for me.

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