Spin the Dawn Readalong - Day #6


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Hey guys! The weekend is done and I'm dreading the week ahead but I think these few chapters have managed to cure my Monday blues. I told you the next few chapters were going to be big right?

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for the chapters 27 to 31. So unless you’ve read them, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

        First off all that domestic fluff? Aaaaaah it all just fed my soul. I am crazy for these two soft kids just having time to tease each other and be romantic. Granted one is apparently a 1000 year old immortal but shhhhhh. Watching them flirt and plan their future had me smiling uncontrollably. And eight kids? *side eye at Edan*
Wow Edan. 

       Although the mood did take a turn when the reached the island of Padua! The island is eerie and spooky and I just knew something was going to go wrong. 

      The vision that Maia was trapped in was so upsetting! Sometimes the best dreams are nightmares in disguise, because you know that they will never come true. Seeing Maia with her intact family, and how happy she was? It broke my heart. How much strength would it have taken, to look at something you'd give nearly anything to have and say no? 
    And then we meet the demon behind it all. Bandur sounds terrifying and I was at the edge of my seat the whole time Maia was fighting him. When she managed to stab him and escape, I could finally breathe. 
      But it wasn't over? And it got even worse??? As if Vachir and his men pursuing them wasn't enough, we've Bandur and ghosts too? I thought that Edan would manage to whip up something to save themselves this time but he couldn't and now I am distressed. 
      HE SACRIFICED HIMSELF FOR MAIA. He literally gave up the little freedom he had to save Maia's life! Imagine being confined to that island for an eternity with only the ghosts for company. All the angst in this chapter had me in tears, especially the part where he told Maia to find another lucky boy to marry. 

     Why do authors torture us so? We've still got one more part so hope that it gets better!

-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

I am drained okay? These chapetrs were taxing. Tell me your thoughts!

Uma @books.bags.burgers  is a crazy albeit nice book dragon who when not decoding the human existence in secret labs, spends the day bemoaning her lack of pastel books and trying to make sure her TBR doesn't kill her overnight.


  • Madhuri Lalwani

    These chapters were so mentally exhausting. There’s so much happening. I totally felt like I was in some sort of horror house. I can’t fathom how stressful it must’ve been for Maia.

    Although there isn’t much I’d like to say about these chapters, I so knew there’d be a situation where Edan sacrifices himself for Maia. I remember typing that in one of my earlier comments. This is the zenith you know. I don’t think it’s easy for him either but he had to.

    Although, it’s very easy to say he just could’ve done something else or that they finally get together I’m now hoping to see how he releases himself from this promise. Is he going to find someone else who can take his place? This also reminds me of the prologue ahh. The lines “if it meant saving him”. It also makes me think of the fact that after all she make a sacrifice to be with him too. She says nothing comes close to being with him.

    The task is mentally taxing even for the reader. However, I love how it looks so effortless. I totally envy Lim’s writing style here. How she’s cut through the knots of the story, character and woven something so beautiful.

    I absolutely love how the scissors comes more than handy here. It’s our live saviour. I can’t tell you the amount of times I went bonkers throughout and breathed a sigh of relief when Maia finds the scissors. Love how magic holds us together.

    Edan having expected this makes me wonder if he knew he’d have to make this sacrifice but didn’t want to scare Maia. I really admire how she did so much but couldn’t help him touching her. Even then, her wondering if he could save Edan from the oath means he’s so important to her. Inevitably, their romance is the best. I can’t even.

    As of now, I’m pretty hopeful that things will get better. But the bigger question is, at what cost are we to receive the reality of their togetherness? What’s to be sacrificed? Who’s going to lose something?

  • Kavita

    Oh this story has taken a very sad turn. ☹️☹️☹️

    So much is going on….. They have to go apart 😭

    All the happiness is vanishing as they are coming back to the palace. Maia will get the position of royal tailor but what she will do without Edan.

    Oh no no no….. It should not happen. There must be way to solve this problem.

    Goddess Amana should reward Maia with happiness and togetherness with Edan for making those three dresses.

    I wish they will be together ❤️❤️

  • Rajnandini

    I didn’t think the story was grabbing me too much but here I am sitting in my office thinking about Maia and Edan. I was legit planning on the third trial like it was a real life event.

    This is such a first-love giddy kinda scenario which I would expect from Maia because she is a teenager but not from Edan since he’s supposed to be super old. Wow the third trial is so intense. And what is going on with Edan? What were the ghosts whispering? That seemed like more than nonsense. There is something huge in Edan’s past.

    Omg Maia is going deep into this illusion of the ghosts. She’s forgetting everything that has happened. God it seems so real! But oh there’s Edan again, trying to snap her back to reality, know remembers but barely. Okay this dude is a demon right? Perhaps the same demon that was once Edan’s teacher. And he took the dagger from Maia so she has no defenses now, eep!

    The fight with the demon was so intense! I couldn’t put the book down for a second! Also the ghosts feed on memories in the “Forgotten Isles”, you forget everything about yourself and become one of them, seemed pretty fitting to call it that now. Also I wonder how much longer Edan can hold on. The three trials are over but there’s still the journey back and Shansen’s people looking for him.

    SHE USED THS SUNLIGHT! Oh I hope she has enough left for her dress or all of this would be for nothing! The demon touched Maia! Is that going to manifest into some stranger-things-esque nightmare later? For Maia’s sake I hope it doesn’t but for the story’s sake i can’t wait for it to happen (am I sinister?)

    Omg it happened! The demon has marked her! I mean she’s sick and probably dying, the demon has a part of her soul but the story got interesting. And Edan knows the demon’s name! Bandur! I bet it was his teacher! And ofc Maia is going back to help Edan against all logic. But tbh if she were left on her own she would die since she has no idea how to deal with all this magical stuff and Edan has been such a convenience to her magical quest.

    How wild would it be if Edan had used Maia to gain the three things and he used them for his own selfish reasons, there would be the layers i wanted din this character. But he’s probably not going to do that. It doesn’t seem like he doing that.

    Okay I don’t know howfar adrenaline can push a person but if I’m sick I don’t think I’d be able to fight off multiple people to save my life. I would just accept my death at that point.

    OMG Edan swore away his freedom! They have to find a way around it! THEY HAVE TO! There isn’t enough space left in the book to tie it all up and I don’t want to be left on cliffhangers please!

  • Titirsha

    P.s.- congratulations to all of us for reading the perfect chapter on perfect day. Ninth night of ninth Month.

  • Titirsha

    Yeaash Lord enchanter has some crazy family planning ideas in his head. I am really living for their love story I feel so giddy while reading the romance blooming between them.
    The third task was really terrible, The demon made Maia forgot about her current state and mission and lured her so badly into weaving her deepest desires Infront of her.
    Bandur is terrible…super super freaking terrible and frightening. I thought there would be some ghost scaring and stuff but with Bandur things got real out of hand.
    Maia yet managed somehow to get the blood of the stars kudos to her.
    But Edan warned her to stay out of touching any other entities, but Bandur did touched her.
    Vachir let me say he’s worse than Bandur atleast Bandur has a reason he’s a Demon… but Vachir.
    From the very beginning of meeting them he was so tempted to catch Edan and Maia. He came along twice after them. He’s the worst.
    I wasn’t expecting Bandur to come all along after Maia, but he did. And the price Edan payed breaks my heart.
    Edan was somewhat ready as he knew what happens when demons marks you…but what about Maia and the eight kids and the shop.
    I can’t wait to jump in and finish the book before I sleep tonight. I need to know the answers.
    Also I am absolutely hating Lady Sarnai for her demands for which now Edan has to become a demon, And Maia have to sacrifice her new found happiness and love.

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