Spin the Dawn Readalong - Day #7


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! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for the chapters 32 to 34. So unless you’ve read them, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

      Okay I know this was just three chapters but I didn't know where else I could ask you guys to stop because everything is so nail bitingly intense ahhh

       I was so sad how in the monastery they were barely talking to each other. It made me feel SO SAD and I felt really bad for Edan because obviously he doesn't want to leave Maia but has to but she was ignoring him and I was AHHHHHH
           I was SERIOUSLY ANGRY with the Emperor and Lady Sarnai at that point and just at the whole quest to get the three items! And when they reached the Autumn palace and Edan tried to give her the flower and okay I legit can't stop blubbering.
       That magicked potion he gave for her tea... I have a feeling it is one that can make her forget him. Edan would definitely do something sweet and stupid like that. I hope Maia doesn't drink it.
     Okay so Maia made the dresses! I *almost* felt sad for Lady Sarnai when she came to see the semi-stitched dresses. She had hoped the marriage would fall apart because of the whole dress making quest but yeah.
ALSO OMG WHEN SHE WENT TO AMANA AND ASKED FOR THE WISH?? I knew that's what she'd ask. but I really wished Maia had thought about it and worded iot more carefully. (Seriously when you watch Supernatural you kinda realize you can get more if you word it right. Crowley taught me that.) BUT SO WAIT NOW THE DEMON WILL COME FOR MAIA?? I DON'T WANT THAT TO HAPPENNN     

-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

What do you think is gonna happen??

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  • Madhuri Lalwani

    I so knew that she was going to ask that. Honestly these three chapters are the smoothest with enough plot twist. In a way, I anticipated her having to make that sacrifice as well. I guess I mentioned in the previous comment. They’re so adorable and there’s no doubt about it. I really like how interdependent they are and how they care regardless of all odds. I love how our rebel protagonist understands that her priorities aren’t the dresses anymore. She’s willing to fight for more and yay that’s a sassy woman!

    Coming to Edan, can we all just stop doing anything and everything to appreciate his sheer brilliance! Find me a man like that!!

    Lastly, I’m so pumped up for the upcoming chapters but I love how the dresses are finally coming together. The dresses are a character of their own because as they’re personified as children, they can be seen as bringing the kingdom together and bringing our lovers together. I really liked the idea of looking at the dresses as children of the goddess and the kingdom. They were our make/break condition till now.

  • Kavita

    Oh no what just happened ☹️. She saved her love but price she has to pay is cruel.

    She successfully completed all the challenges risking her life for her family, her love but what she achieved was not worth it.

    Will the demon come for her??
    There must be way when Edan and Maia could get together.

  • Anasua Mandal

    I honestly can’t deal anymore. So much angst!!! 😭😭
    I could almost envision those dresses, and I don’t know whether I’d marvel at their beauty or just curse the lot of them for being a major cause of the angst!
    The monastery was such a sweet place. Maia was angry but she was also being stubborn and not trying to get what Edan did. I love how the senior monk gently tries to get Maia to understand. And when they talk again?! My poor heart!!!
    The Autumn Palace isn’t much exciting I guess, but maybe it’s because of all the misery at this point.
    But oh boy, when she wore the dress painted with the blood of the stars?! And walked to the Great Temple?! And made that wish?! Poor dear girl, foolish to not have better worded the wish! Like Genie says, be careful what you ask for. But it was expected what she’d ask for.
    I honestly read up to chapter 37 because I couldn’t put it down and AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

  • Rajnandini

    OMG Maia is a direct descendant of ttailor who made the original dresses! That is HUGE! Also l, feels good to finally know more about Edan’s past.

    God! Lady Sarnai and the Emperor are so mysterious! There are barely 4 chapters left and there’s virtually nothing I know about them. What drives lady Sarnai? Why did she say “you should never have come back”? What does that mean?!

    I have a feeling that the demon tricked Maia with the blood of stars. Okay no so the blood of stars is good to go and the dresses are made. But I feel there was a catch in the wish Amana granted Maia that is going to hit her in the face later. And if Edan won’t pay for the deal then does that mean Maia has to pay for it with her soul? Or be possessed by the demon! There are so many questions and so little space to answer them all argh!

  • Belinda Smith

    Till now whenever Edan and Maia talked to each other I felt warmth and happiness!!! But now I can hear my heart weep now…😭
    Edan is hurting… it’s too much…. someone save my baby….
    I wanna hug him… his father left him at a monastery and he tried to go back home😭😭😭
    Monastery life is hard… eating in the morning alone… boiled lettuce and carrots with rice for dinner… wow

    I love when people around the main couple can tell they are in love!😍😍 warms my soul

    They were the ones from the Amana!!! THAT IS A TWIST I DID NOT EXPECT!
    That must be why Maia could use it freely…why it’s not like the amulets enchanters use… WOW

    They are gonna find a way… they are gonna end up together!! They will!!! Maia is part legend too!!!!

    I am not liking the Emperor now!!! How dare he!😤

    Lady Sarnai almost tearing when she saw the dress is WHAT I WANTED!! Maia is sooo talented!!! My baby girl!😍😍😍😍

    I loved how the dress draped around her by itself and it fit her so well!!!

    EDAN IS FREE!!! Oh my god… I was holding my breath from the moment Maia entered the temple…. I screamed so hard when Amana said Then it shall be done!!!
    But… consequences… is Bandur coming after Maia or will he kill Edan?!?!

    Why end now…. we could’ve finished the book today…😭😭 Y u do this to us!😭😭😭
    I am not gonna sleep tonight…

    If Edan is free… then what is gonna happen to the Emperor? And the country Won’t the Emperor become weak?? Then won’t the country go back into war again?!?! Did Maia open the country to war again?? 😨

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