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Spin the Dawn Readalong - Day #8 + Full Book Discussion


(Image Courtesy -Uma @books.bags.burgers )

AND THE LAST DAY!! I am overwhelmed you guys and I think I can safely say we all NEED book 2 right now! Also did you guys read the excerpt from "Unravel the Dusk" at the end of the book? It made me tear up a bit!

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for the chapters 35 to epilogue. So unless you’ve read them, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

Okay let me calm down and try to be coherent.
       So when the Emperor told everyone she was Maia I got so scared at first. I thought he might decide to punish her after all. But I was so glad that didn't happen and when she wore the dress and it glowed so bright!! i SO WANT TO SEE HOW THE DRESSES LOOK YOU GUYS!
      When she kissed Edan and hoped for her wish with all her heart I was SO EMOTIONAL AHH. I'm so glad the King didn't notice right away that the amulet was broken. That would have been a catastrophe.
       So Maia lied to Edan. I understand why she did it but I also feel super bad for him! Imagine how gutted he'd feel when he finds out. and it may not be for a while. I mean he's leaving to learn about enchanters cut off from their oath and MAIA OMG *cue crying*
       When the demon came I just wanted to lash out at him AHHHH that cruel, lying demon has created such a big problem I'm not sure how Maia is going to fix it.
       OKAY SO WAIT MAIA IS GOING TO TURN INTO A DEMON??? NOOOO THIS CAN'T BE! I hope she figures out a solution or maybe Edan will in his travels but he doesn't even know about Maia's problem yet. THIS IS SO COMPLICATED AND I'M WORRIED. I CAN'T DEAL!
       ALSO I was glad Maia didn't use the magic potion for her father and Keton and somehow that makes me happy. BUT OMG THE DRUMS ARE STARTING TO HAVE THEIR EFFECT ON HER AND AHHHHH


Things I loved -
- The writing was super beautiful ahhhh. I just love how she weaves (pun intended) the words so beautifully.
- Okay so I loved the romance, despite it having been a bit fast. But Maia and Edan are just cute and I SHIP IT SO HARD.
- Maia and Keton's sibling love. Although we didn't see that much of it, I loved the little snippets of conversation and memories.
- The plot - This was nothing like anything I'd read before. Such a unique retelling and there was so much originality that I just ABSOLUTELY loved it.
Things I didn't love -
- quite honestly, nothing. Maybe I'd have liked for the romance to be more fleshed out but honestly it's no complaint at all.

-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

How did you enjoy the book?What is your rating?Tell me everything!

Uma @books.bags.burgers  is a crazy albeit nice book dragon who when not decoding the human existence in secret labs, spends the day bemoaning her lack of pastel books and trying to make sure her TBR doesn't kill her overnight.


  • Madhuri Lalwani

    I know I’m late but I was determined to finish the book before I shut my eyes. Too thrilling to let go of it anyway. It felt like the book has an odd spell on you. You can’t put it down.

    I can’t put to words the overwhelming amount of emotion. I love how it ended in a way. It feels like a coherent closure and tying up of the knots. Obviously, we’re already thirsty for the second book but I’m sure it’ll give us the actual end unlike the “new and terrible beginning”.

    So first things first, Maia and the Palace and everything she did there did come to an expected but well put end. Apart from her sacrificing herself for Edan. Can the two of them stop being so adorable and nice I mean wow.

    I feel bad for Lady Sarnai but for the rebel she is a part of me hopes she finds her own escape. The Emperor, oh Lord someone save me from him. I don’t really like him after knowing his manufactured charm. He’s really an eye candy even after. A rude over powering madman. I really like that the book does away with the convention of a mere girl meeting the Emperor and falling in love with him. I didn’t expect Edan to be the lover at all. Like even the beginning when she asks her brother about the Emperor and he says you have no hopes, I was not expecting this turn of events.

    I also like how usually the bird or animal is only a sort of helper/ savior. Having taken that further to the royalty Edan is I’m going to ask for an Edan from BooksnBeyond now.

    Although Edan ( i imagine him as Keanu Reeves for convenience now) is asked to believe he’s free and so is she, I am sure he knows Maia is under trouble. That’s why he absolutely has to go to get his powers. The magic portion he gave for the three, I was so glad and happy that he cares even in the last moments of having magic in him.

    A part of me wished she would somehow secretly feed Edan that portion so that she didn’t have to worry about his lack of happiness. But I guess that’s too far-fetched.

    I love how rebellious Edan and Maia are. our lovers are the right blend of passion, magic, rebellion, courage, unbelievable beauty, talent and goofiness. Ah, I couldn’t have finishes without having mentioned that. Even when they were to part ways, she goes like, “Remember you human, don’t do anything wrong”. I melted okay. Lim has made goodbyes cuter here. Not entirely, but enough to part with a smile on the readers face as well.

    Lastly, I love the writing style. It fits as a glove not only for the type of story, genre or the characters here but for me as a reader as well. I didn’t find myself bored although the tasks (WHICH DID REMIND ME OF PROJECT RUNAWAY – IN A TRADITIONAL COOL WAY) were going to seem repetitive. I loved the trails and the oath, no oath situation.

    To oath or not to oath is the question!!!

    Things I love –
    - Romance OBVIOUSLY. Never have I wanted to date a hawk this bad.
    - Rebellion. From Lady Sarnai, other Tailors to our lovers. Rebellion runs in the blood of our characters.
    - Women breaking Stereoptypes. Although I don’t really like Lady Sarnai, I love the fact that our major protagonist isn’t the only one rebelling.
    - Platonic Love! All that friendship had me warm. Be it Maia with the Enchanter initially, with Ammi or the other Tailors.
    - Breaking of all conventions – Be it writing, form, structure, content. I love how the book goes all the way out to establish our badass queen and not give her everything like books usually do but put her in a position to make sacrifices as well.

    Things I found missing –
    - There was no mention of Maia’s mother throughout. I did find it lacking but when I read the chapter from the second book it made some sense. However, I do honestly feel it was a complete blackout here.
    - Minimal or no sub plots. I understand Ammi had her own place but even that seemed like it was to portray how Maia reacts to it. Our Emperor being that important a character having little to no dialogue or presence apart from that in reference to the dresses worried me a little. All he was is background presence and critically thinking I feel that could’ve been fleshed out a little more. In a way, when I hated him it’s because I didn’t see much of him (in his words/in relation to other people) to contrast it with Edan’s word. At least we’d have something to weigh him down to.
    - Lack of friendships portrayed amongst other characters. Just as the lack of subplots, I realized this when I was writing the platonic friendship part. I don’t think we see any other character interacting with each other about any topic whatsoever. They’re almost always rather descriptions. I know this book is about our kween Maia, but that’s something I would’ve liked as well.

    Overall, this being the first book with a spell on me so good that I had to finish at even if it was midnight, I’d give it a freaking 9/10. That one missing point is because having given thought to things I felt were lacking, some of them were actually feasible and probable to give room to in the book.

    Otherwise I was on an aesthetic, emotional, mental, moral, intellectual rollercoaster and I can’t thank Lim or her scissors (the pen) for this sheer beauty that I’m sure left us speechless.

    cue despacito till we have Book 2

  • Titirsha

    The epilogue made crave for the second book more. I now have to starve for the second book.
    King khanujin uttered Maia’s secret just like that Infront of everyone. In the last few chapters Lady Sarnai’s presence was very limited. She was awaed and scared by the divine dresses no doubt.
    Coming to Edan and Maia…oh god here Edan is not so powerful as before as Maia broke the bond and now Maia is turning into demon. What why 😭😭😭.
    Now she’s back home with magic and praise from the king, but she’s not herself anymore.
    I don’t know what’s going to happen next book. It’s unpredictable.
    The writing was amazing no doubt from the very beginning I was hooked to book and the characters took no time to form themselves in my mind.
    Maia and Edan shipping them since desert.
    The story is beautiful and unpredictable.
    With each new chapter there was something more awaiting in the dark something more interesting turn coming up.
    Loved it and can’t wait to have rest of the book of the series.
    Also I enjoyed my first readalong with Books n Beyond. Looking forward for more.

  • Bhagyashree Bhat

    Cant wait for book 2. It is going to come out in 2020 sometime but i have absolutely no patience & want to read it now. 🙈
    Loved everything about the book. From the writing style to the story & the romance. ❤🤩
    They are so cute. But feeling heartbroken that when they have just found each other they have to be away. Hope Edan comes back before Maia’s condition gets more worse. 🤞
    - Bhagyashree🤗❤

  • Kavita

    Oh my god!! That was amazingly fantastic……. What just happened in the last was so sad, heart wrenching.
    Edan and Maia…… Ummmm…. Why they have to pay that price for being enchanter or having magic.

    I am great need of second book, I don’t want Maia to be demon.
    She has a very cute and beautiful desire of being a royal tailor.
    This desire changed her life completely. She find out the love of her life….. But that was not a easy love.

    Hope to find a happy ending in second book.

  • Rajnandini

    What the hell is going on! The dress worked last night but it’s not working now? And the Emperor told everyone Maia was a girl again? What is he playing at GOD I need to know more about him and it feels like I’ll have to wait till the next book. He seems like a sinister character. THE DRESS WORKS! MAIA IS GLOWING! I guess this means her magic got stronger now? Since she is in contact with the blood of stars. I wonder what that would mean for her deal with the demon.

    THE POTION would have made Maia forget Edan! I always feel like that is the cruelest thing one can do. The doctor had to do it to Donna and I’m still not over it. She doesn’t even remember her time with the doctor and it hurts too much (she was the best companion).

    Where is the mark of not on her neck though? Oh god I did not see this coming! She has magic in her, it probably got stronger after the dress and now she will transform into a demon! This is going to be scary! And she’s suing the carpet to go home before her fate claims her. And Edan is gone too and who knows if he’ll come back, he has no magic now! Oh I will die waiting for the next book, I will!

    Wait what? Did Maia give the liquid to Keton and her father? Does that mean they’ll forget her? What just happened?! I need answers this is not where you end a book! WHAT!?!

    Now about the book overall? It was a nice to read about non-white characters and a new culture. I don’t have a favorite character here in particular, maybe if Edan had been more of a layered character as his magic and mystique led me to believe it would have liked him more. But I loved the trials and the focus of the book on Maia’s journey and her abilities especially the part of the competition where it honestly felt like I was reading a project runway based book but it still retained it’s authenticity. I think we will get to know more about the Emperor Khanujin and Lady Sarnai and develop their characters more in the later books and perhaps they will be more layered than the characters explored in this book and who knows maybe Edan and Maia will develop over the course of the story as well! And I look forward to that. I wonder how Edan would get back his magic, as I have a feeling he will and it would be something to find out how Maia evades Bandur although that seems to be pretty difficult as it has already started. But that being said, I cannot wait for the next book to see where this story goes. I mean we’ve already started with the gods where can we go next?

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