The Mercies Readalong - Day #4

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers from Chapter 19 - 23. So unless you’ve read the chapters, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

     Okay I LOVE the chapters with Maren and Ursa bonding. It's lovely to see how they kind of dance around each other and then slowly open up about themselves. How Ursa slowly talks about her sister and wanting to come to the Wednesday meeting. Maren is bringing out the real Ursa and I LOVE it.

     Kirsten oh dear, I love her but I am also dreading things because as the most badass of them, she's bound to be targeted by the damn Cornet. I really like her and just want, no NEED her to be safe!

      TORIL OMG IS REALLY GETTING ON MY NERVES. How dare she lie like this? Saying she never saw Diinna and her husband get married? How dare she call it a devil union. I hate people like her who take help from someone but will say such terrible lies about them later. How heartless does one have to be to act like that?

     Also Diinna needs to stop digging her own grave. There's bravery and then there's absolute recklessness. She could just turn up at the kirke, doesn't have to pray. I'm so scared for her and her son and also mad that she has completely pulled away from Maren who hasn't done anything wrong.

     I feel sorry for Maren who is trying to keep Kirsten and Diinna safe, trying to maintain the peace between Mamma and Diinna, trying to defend her friends from Toril ufff! She's doing a lot and I can't imagine how worried she probably is. I wanna give her a hug

-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

What are your thoughts about Ursa and Maren's friendship? Will you join in me giving Toril a taste of her own medicine?

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  • Rukaiya Murtaza

    TORIL NEEDS TO BE OUT OF THIS DAMN BOOK. LIKE, SHE DESERVES THE OSCAR for being the most villainous character but now looking around, she’s actually pretty control hungry. Not liking how Kirsten is looked upon by. While one woman is trying to bring these women up by cheering them on, TORIL is hell bent on just praying and praying. Unfair.

    I am completely in awe with Kirsten and Maren. They truly bring a spirit out of each other, which had been lost. For Maren, after the death of her father and brother- being stuck in a cold war. And for Ursa- the horrible Cornet husband and leaving her family behind. This is the time to cherish ❤️

  • Jayasoorya

    I am loving the chemistry between Ursa and Maren. Though Ursa with her baby soft hands and inexperience is soft outside, she seems rather brave and strong willed as time passes by. Maren, though physically rough and tough, had many fears. The tension between them is so much visible now. Karen is so gentle towards her, it is so adorable. Still afraid for them, how it will go.
    Kirsten, the badass in trousers, afraid of none, still the most observant about Ursa and Maren’s relation.
    I hope whatever happens to Absalom in Alta, he doesn’t show it on Ursa, but things doesn’t seem that way. He thinks too highly of himself.
    Toril, can I just smack her face already 🙄. I didn’t like her talks about Diina at all. Loved when Maren told her, about Pastor being away in Alta. Would have loved to see her shock.
    Mysteriousness of Diina continues and the hatred between Mamma and Diina. I wonder why so suddenly.

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