The Mercies Readalong - Day #5

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers from Chapter 24 - 29. So unless you’ve read the chapters, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

Oh my things are starting to get intense!

     First, I'm loving how well Maren and Ursa are getting along. Their walks, and how they enjoy being close to each other, how Maren likes to pretend the house is hers and Ursa's. There's something so real and raw about their emotions that pulls at my heartstrings.

     Toril OMG I want to reach into the book and shake her hard. How can someone be so cruel? I hated how she just came to the meeting out of the blue, insulted Diinna and tried to make everyone look bad. And then went straight to Cornet to complain like what even??

     And Cornet himself. what a terrible man! the dinner scene where him and the Lensmenn talked about how he MURDERED a poor woman. I felt like throwing up when they went into specifics. And actually proud about it! And it's not like they are very good men. The Lensmann's wife did indirectly tell Ursa that he had a thing going on with Fanne. I just wanted to drop all those men into the ocean and let the cold do it's job.

It scares me how Mamma's grief about her husband's and son's death has turned into a kind of hatred towards Diinna and a detachment with Maren as if they are somehow to blame. At first i felt sorry for her but now I'm only wary.

-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

What are your thoughts about Toril? What do you think Cornet will do next?

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  • Rukaiya Murtaza

    I was sincerely reading the bonding scenes at my own pace. It was like watching a slow and romantic movie, all set in medieval period. The small touches, beach walks, spending time, laughing, etc breathed a new kind of air in both Maren and Ursa. The women tortured and restless of their surroundings. It was like, for them, they are it.

    Might I say I found Lennsman’s wife spirited and oh so feminist? She definitely spiced things up by speaking against her husband. And Cornet, you should go and die in a bucket of water. Better yet, may I strangle you with my own pretty hands? This man is out of character! I am so afraid for Diina and rest of the people now.

  • Jayasoorya

    I am loving the bonding between Ursa and Maren and how Ursa is trying to blend in with others too.
    The hatred between Mamma and Diina is so scary.
    I hate Toril so much!! She never fails too irritate me. I loved how Ursa have nice retorts. I honestly didn’t expect it.
    I hate Lensmenn!! And Cornet!! I am shocked at how these people can kill other people and say that they deserved it!! The way they decided their deeds, and be proud of it?! So shocking. Absalom means Father of peace? How in the world! And he threw the letters to the fire? How could he!
    Ursa is turning out to be more outward and badass. I like it, but scared too.

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