The Mercies Readalong - Day #7 + Full book Discussion

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers from Chapter 36 - 40. So unless you’ve read the chapters, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

I died okay? Just about died. I mean to be honest this was probably the best ending we could have asked for but MY HEART IS BROKEN OKAY??

The stake scene killed me. How could they do that? How could they just tie someone up and set them on fire and watch? All those women shouting breathe deep, especially the kirke women, YOU HELPED WITH THIS YOU IDIOTS. I was angry and sad and just UGH! 

So Maren's mother finally realizes huh? Hello welcome to the real world. "We didn't know", didn't know what?? You watched while they manhandled women you knew, tortured them, threw them in the ocean and you didn't KNOW? Excuse me guys I'm just so mad.

The scene of the two of them finally accepting their feelings for each other and getting together made me SO HAPPY.

Ursa killed him. Oh gods she did it. I really wasn't expecting it from her but she did it.  I thought Maren was going to die when she walked into the boathouse at night. And then things happened so quickly.

The scene between Ursa and Maren was a lovely wonderful part and then BAM! so short lived. I can't believe they parted. I understand why Maren made that decision but I'm so sad. I keep telling myself "at least they're alive". Historically Commissioner Cunningham went on to kill 91 people at Vardo for Witchcraft. So if the author were to extend this story, many of the women remaining in Vardo will die. And I just have so many feelings. Considering the time the book is set in, the author gave us the best climax she could but MY HEART. 

Also I thought Maren might jump into the sea and I was so scared?? But she decided not too and I'm so glad.

This book was bleak and sad and broke my heart and yet somehow I love it. I think I have this relationship with Historical fiction where I never read it because I know it'll break my heart but then I do read it, it does break my heart but i love it. Same happened to me with The Book Thief too.

-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

What are your feelings about what happened? What do you plan to rate the book? 

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  • Jayasoorya

    The ending was really hearwrenching. Ursa and Maren’s bravery and love towards each is just what I wanted and expected for a perfect ending. Atleast they have hope. I really wish they meet after all these.
    Kirsten’s scenes broke my heart. The trial scenes were so disturbing. The crimes they announced were really kind of gossipy and not at all convincing.
    Absalom received what he deserved after all. I wish Lensmenn too should have got something like that. All these innocent women framed for things they didn’t commit, how could they?! It is more saddening when it comes to the real story.

  • jyoti arora

    Just finished reading the book. I am so glad that Diinna left with baby Erik, her distancing herself from Maren was actually upsetting and felt like both were dealing with grief in their own way. It seemed like Maren lost her sister too with her brother.

    Also I dislike Maren’s mother for not caring for Diinna and turning into a Kirke woman. The trial was gut-wrenching and the doubt about Kristen in Maren’s mind was so upsetting.

    Loved the moments when Ursa and Maren got together. And never could have imagined Ursa would kill her husband, though glad he died.
    The end was probably the best but still breaks my heart that Ursa and Marren had to part.

  • Rukaiya Murtaza

    I Am Never reading a historical fiction ever again. I curse you Uma, for making me look like an ugly maniac woman right now, tear streaked and full on emotions. I don’t know where to begin now.

    The stake scene was too much for my poor heart. I had those vibes for Kirsten from the start, where you know everyone requests that one person to stay cleer but they never pay heed to it. I was so surprised to see no fight left in that poor woman. Burned, bruised, ugh!!? How could you be so cruel? How? This is beyond me.

    I honestly didn’t enjoy the bonding part between Ursa and Maren. I wished if Ursa wouldn’t have stopped Maren from speaking for Kirsten, just so she could be safe. Yes, it’s alright. But I would have wished to see the story from that turning point.

    I was so confused at the end, as to where Maren was headed. Towards the sea or Diina. Now I am living in my alternate universe where Maren is happy. Ursa has went back to Bergen and is living with her sister and sometime they stumble upon each other, rekindling their romance.

    I also hope Maren finds Diina if she makes her way to the lower mountains. The one thing I was glad to see was the open ending, futuristic. The author solidified that Maren won’t be caught and burned, rather she lived a free life – from her Mamma, Toril and over all Vardo.

    PS: The moment where she didn’t reciprocate I love you to Ursa broke me for the worst 😭💔

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