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The Starless Sea Readalong #2 ~ Fortunes and Fables

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for Book 2 - Fortunes and Fables of The Starless Sea. So unless you’ve read the chapters, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

OKAY SO SOOO I legit don't know what to say. I have quite a few guesses but knowing Erin Morgenstern there's a possibility I might not guess the truth till the end. First let's discuss the stories-

The Star Merchant - I was super intrigued that the same story about Fate and Time were repeated and wonder who the traveler was! I keep feeling it was Time itself telling it's sorrowful story. Also the last line the traveler says "Occasionally, Fate pulls itself together again and time is always waiting" makes we wonder if the traveler is actually Fate. SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

The Girl and the Feather - This story seemed the most removed from the rest except for the mention of the Owl King. The one who ate the eyes of Fate i presume? I wonder whose feather it was and who the ghosts at the castle are.

The Inn at the edge of the World - OKAY MY FAVOURITE. Here's my theory and I'm sure many of you arrived at the same conclusion. As mentioned at the very end, I believe the woman is the moon and the second woman with her coppery hair and so much warmth even in the cold weather is the sun. And remember how the Moon lady mentions the Sun and Moon meet to discuss things away from the eyes of the stars? I think that was it. They met at the inn. That is why there was so much darkness outside the inn for both the Sun and the moon were travelling to meet each other. And I wonder if they are discussing the fate of Time and Fate away from the eyes of the Star. DOES THIS SEEM PLAUSIBLE TO YOU GUYS?

The Three Swords - This reminded me of The Girl and the Feather for it features the Owl King again but doesn't seem to connect to the rest of the stories that much.

The Stone Sculptor - OKAY SO THEORY TIME AGAIN. The "mouse" like man I believe is the mouse himself. The one who took away Fate's heart and the thing he wanted to hide is I suppose the heart itself and okay this may seem farfetched but I believe the box what she created to hide the heart was The Starless Sea itself. That makes sense? EEEEP I hope my theory pans out.

Ezra's story - like Mirabel, I've taken to calling Zachary, Ezra. I love that name. ALSO excuse me, show me the way to The Starless Sea harbour and let me stay in a room there because I mean, THAT AMAZING DESCRIPTION OF FOOD! I had to eat chocolate as I read because OMG it made me so hungry!!

ALSO MIRABEL! She has pink hair now but I wonder if she's the same girl who met Ezra's mother? Back then she had blue in her hair but since they both paint doors, I'm going to assume they're the same person. Anyway, I adore her. She's like a mysterious and magical (although she seems to not like that word) version of Ezra's friend Kat.

I wonder about Allegra and why the guardians have changed sides. I still don't understand exactly what the problem is with The Starless Sea but i WANNA KNOW MORE!

I loved the whole travel to various places via the between (the elevator extension) ALSO page 155! Ezra mentions Tote Bags at the famous strand bookstore and so of course BNB has provided you with your own toe, with a quote that comes up often in The Starless Sea stories and the imagining of the ship that sails in The Starless Sea. IS IT NOT GORGEOUS?

(Image Courtesy -Uma @books.bags.burgers )

I'm so glad Dorian is safe. And after what Mirabel said, I wonder if it's even his own name. Also I have a feeling Dorian was on Allegra's side at some point but then turned against her? I mean he had their sword necklace thingy and also Mirabel mentions he once tried to kill her. hmmm, the plot thickens.

-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

SO what theories do you have so far? Which was your favourite stpry? Do you agree with any of my theories?

Uma @books.bags.burgers  is a crazy albeit nice book dragon who when not decoding the human existence in secret labs, spends the day bemoaning her lack of pastel books and trying to make sure her TBR doesn't kill her overnight.



  • Rajnandini

    “Occasionally, Fate pulls itself together again and time is always waiting” I DIED there. My heart broke, my soul left me and I died when I read this. How and why is this so beautiful?!?!?!
    Again, the little stories in the middle take my breathe away! they are so beautiful I can’t even. The Innkeepers story was so beautiful, so ethereal I had to hold myself down. And I don’t even know what that means but I did that.
    The stone sculptor and the rat man, again the writing takes me to places I never thought possible. This is better than anything I’ve ever read.
    Ezra and Max, although I love Zachary and Mirabel but I think Ezra and Max might just be better.
    Also I love reading Zachary Ezra Rawlins… every single time. EVERY SINGLE TIME!!
    AND THE TOTE, this is the best item in the box, hands down! I mean it is so beautiful, fir to sail the Starless Sea with.
    And Dorian with his stories! THEY NEEDED TO KISS THEN! I WAS ROBBED!! I love Storyteller Dorian (ugly crying again).
    There’s a lot of ugly crying for me in this book yay.

  • Suparna Dey

    First of all , I love this stories inside story thing going on, it’s fun to read. And I loved the story of moon ❤️ it was hurting yet I loved it. The second book actually increased my interest in the story and mom almost kicked me out of her room because I was not going to sleep. I miss Dorian though but I hope he is coming back. Let’s see what comes next !! But , Mirabel ,ah ,pink hair !! That too not a particular shade of pink. And her speaking style 😍. And I’m in love with the tote bag it’s so amaaaazing !!!!

  • Afreen Aftab

    omg ok, first off..the moment I read page 155 my mind was like ‘tote bag, tote bag, TOTE BAG!!’ and I wasn’t disappointed. the bag was amazing!!! Okay onto the story, the mini-stories are so fascinating to read and trying to connect the metaphorical characters to other stories is really interesting. The story about the inn was so cleverly written. And wow! the fate of the sculptor really took me by surprise!.

    Coming to Mirabel, she’s so interesting and her and Ezra’s humor meshes so well well together. I’m still reading on to find out how all of these threads come together like Mirabel possibly being the girl that met Ezra’s mom, etc There’s so much stuff going on and I can’t wait to get to book three!

  • Chanel

    Day 2:

    My mind is bursting with all the new information being thrown in at us. Dorian is basically Dorian Gray from the novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, which I’m sure a lot of us saw coming. Also, brace for the Captain Obvious moment, has everyone noticed how a lot of the characters mentioned have some sort of flashback shown via the short stories, and the same goes with the references too. Regardless of whether it’s a tale or a warning, everything has a story behind it. Get it?

    I know this only happens towards the end, but I really want to talk about the sculptor and the “mouse” like man. Alarms rang in my head when I read this because, clearly it’s the mouse , or atleast version of the mouse, who rescued Fate’s heart. Maybe one of the hands mentioned in the book belong to the sculptor herself? Maybe it serves as a warning to those to might try to go against the Collector’s Club? Versions also reminds me, have you guys noticed how a lot of the myths and stories mentioned in Ezra’s(Yes, I prefer this name , too) chapters, are a little different in comparison to the ones we read about in the shorter stories? Of course, it has been mentioned a few times that all stories are narrated in different ways based on the storyteller and who they heard it from, but I think there is more to it than just that, maybe? Also, again, when we come across another chapter about the Pirate and the Girl, I wonder why are they so much more central to the story? And, are they the only ones who have been repeated through out the books or have I actually missed out on others? More than theories, I’ve more questions. Though, I really like the idea of the two travellers being the Sun and the Moon. It’s possible that the Moon (I’m guessing she was the first traveller?), fell in love with the Innkeeper and that’s why she sympathises or rather, relates with the conflicted relationship Fate and Time have? That would be pretty interesting if that was the case. Honestly, I want to know more about the Moon(?) and the Innkeeper.

    With regards to the main plot, I’m 98% sure that Mirabel was the same girl who met Ezra’s mom. Everyone’s backstory seems to be unravelling at this point. For all you know, the Innkeeper is the Keeper. Yes, I’m throwing darts in the dark, but for all I know, I might even be right or atleast I hope I am, the Keeper could use a cute story. Okay, I’m digressing. I was a little disappointed with how quick the escape was even though I do realise that the conversation between Allegra and Ezra was important too, it would’ve been nice to read more about their grand ambush and escape, too. The Starbucks bit was quite funny, and again, I knew there would be some pop culture-ry reference hidden in the pages, and I’m sure this isn’t the last of it.

    I’m quite curious to see how the battle between the two sides turn out. It’s not much of a battle, but a battle nonetheless. I’m guessing Dorian or Mr. Smith, was a spy who was undercover at the Collector’s Club or someone who escaped from the Collector’s Club when he realised that things are going awry. Pretty sure we all wish there were some more details thrown in about him because he might play some vital role in the story later. Just putting this out here, layers seem to be a repeated theme in the stories. Some of the myths that have been mentioned a few times, have been accessed through different situations. That’s got to be some kind of layer-ception when they blatantly throw the Matryoshka at us? Also, yes, I know I’ve said “Also” like a billion times, but, anyway, I have a creeping feeling that there’s going to be a martyr. That’s right, I’ve said it.

    Anyway, I’m dying to know what will happen next and I’m low-key heartbroken that there are no more surprise elements to open until Book 4 or 5? I miss opening the packages and marvelling all the details and thoughts put in.

    Good luck, fellow readers! Let’s hope that we find one such door in our city, and meet over a cup of coffee with warm cream and some delectable pastries!

  • Sankavi

    I have the same theory about the heart of Fat is hidden in the starless sea. I love the Kitchen in the Harbour. And I love the line “Fate pulls itself together again and time is always waiting”. Feels romantic. And I used my tote today❤❤❤. It was awesome

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