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The Starless Sea Readalong #3 ~ The Ballad of Simon and Eleanor

Welcome back guys! grab your copy of The Starless Sea, a cup of coffee and snuggle into your cozy blanket and let's get started with this discussion!

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for Book 3 - The Ballad of Simon and Eleanor of The Starless Sea. So unless you’ve read the chapters, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

In a way, not as much happened in this third book. A lot more happened in Fortunes and Fables but I liked this all the same.

     First off, can we have a moment of silence for this star crossed couple? Like can you imagine being able to live with someone only in a room and losing them the moment you step out? I CRY!

     Also the girl, Eleanor I believe is the same girl from before who went exploring in the forest and feel through a door! I LOVE how the stories connect wonderfully

     Also honestly I love Mirabel. She gives me slight Luna Lovegood meets Hermione vibes and just... she's cool <3 

     Also EEEP Mirabel and the Keeper? I need to know how that came to be and also what were they talking about?? Also how long has the Keeper been around? even before Simon and how far back? And what did he mean he doesn't want to lose her again?

Damn Ezra! Even I was thinking why drink what Allegra gave him? Like why risk it? I'm glad he's okay though and honestly the Kitchen is a lifesaver!

     Eleanor ah my girl, poor girl. It can't be easy being the only kid around and I love how she's an absolute explorer. I especially like how she folds her nightmares into stars and all her quirks. I love when she says "Anything is for girls" to Simon. 

     Also guys Keating! Simon Keating. Eeep I realized it before Ezra even thought the name Keating sounds familiar. So that's how sweet Sorrows came to the upside world. THE CONNECTIONS MAKE ME EXCITED!

     OKAY MIRABEL. She's the daughter of our star crossed lovers!! What does this mean?? And Simon! where is he now? What happened to Eleanor? Does Mirabel know who her parents are? I HAVE A LOT OF QUESTIONS!

     I really loved that we have a chapter from Dorian's point of view when he's watching Ezra. It says one of the girls spotted him and I think it's Kat? Will Kat feature again in the book?? PLEASE I WANTS MORE KAT!

Also who is leaving Ezra all the riddles and making him go to the bee queen?

-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

What are your thoughts about Simon and Eleanor? Where do you think they are now? Who do you think is giving Ezra the riddles?

Uma @books.bags.burgers  is a crazy albeit nice book dragon who when not decoding the human existence in secret labs, spends the day bemoaning her lack of pastel books and trying to make sure her TBR doesn't kill her overnight.



  • Suparna Dey

    I loved loved loved Simon and Eleanor more than Zachary in this book. I cried for their separation ,like whyyyyy? But I guessed that Mirabel is maybe their daughter and yeap !!! It’s true!! Also I really want to know how Keeper and Mirabel are lovers and why he is afraid of losing her. Let’s see what happens next in this Harbor !!

  • Rajnandini

    Okay so this probably was the best part for me in this book! This is where for me, the little stories start merging with Ezra’s and I love it. I love every bit of it and I love it to bits!
    Them finding and losing and finding each other again, only to lose each other and possibly themselves in the next moment is both beautiful and tragic and majestic. I love how this was written and how it made me feel. Like I was there when Simon couldn’t go back or find Eleanor and he finds that she was from the future and he might never see her again, my heart broke and I was lost in that moment.
    And when Mirabel turns out to be the daughter of Eleanor and Simon, I WAS GIVEN NEW LIFE. My bae is the girl out of time and I love her even more, YES I have a new crush!!
    Ezra’s quest is getting more and more interesting and I just hope he doesn’t get himself killed.
    Also I’d like to just enjoythe fact that we’ve all taken to calling Zachary as Ezra and its so much better, it makes me so happy.
    Please make them one of the couple from the little stories, the Pirate and the Girl or the Innkeep and the Moon, although I don’t think that’s possible coz well the Moon is the Moon. BUT I CAN’T WAIT TO FIND OUT!!!

  • Chanel

    Day 3:

    It has taken me nearly 3 days to finish reading Book 3, not because it’s long, but phewww New Year’s was a handful!

    Anyway, this was a rollercoaster of events. I mean, if I said the previous book was about revelations, then this one took it a notch higher. The Ballad of Eleanor and Simon is one of the sweetest and saddest romances ever. Like, Romeo & Juliet who? It was innocent and so human. The curiosity about the other gender and how they just came upon one another. A rift in time and their meeting was Fate? See what I did there? I really wish there was more that happened between them, but unfortunately, I don’t have very high hopes regarding whether they ever got back together. Also, who would’ve thought Mirabel is their daughter?! Though, I should’ve gotten the hint, since Mirabel did mention that she was born in the Harbour.

    Also, also, the Keeper and Mirabel?!?!?! I thought they had a bit of a love/hate relationship going, but a relationship, relationship? There are so many couples in Starless Sea, and at the same time this book isn’t about romances. I love it. My heart goes out for a possible moment between Dorian and Ezra. I need it, we all need it.

    Part of me is still confused, though. What happened to the Pirate and the Girl? Also, maybe that wasn’t the Moon who met the Innkeeper, and it was Mirabel followed by Rhyme? And that would explain Mirabel and the Keeper?

    I know it’s no longer time for conspiracies and co-relations, but, Eleanor stumbling into the Harbour gave me serious Monsters Inc. feels from when Boo and Sullivan meet! How cute! Even the point of doors being destroyed and kept aside as doorknobs felt similar.

    Hopefully, Book 4 will show more interactions between Ezra and Dorian, it’s just so promising and I low-key am starting to ship them. While I enjoy all the details put into the story, I really hope it picks up the pace soon! Who knows where Ezra will land himself once he has descended the stairs?

    Nonetheless, good luck, fellow readers!

  • Belinda Smith

    “ANYTHING IS FOR GIRLS” Damn! What a moment!!! I was so proud of the girl!!!!!

    I gasped when Simon was Simon Keating!!!!! The book!!! And Sweet Sorrows was from Eleanor… WOW!!! The way this book connects everything to everything….

    The poisoning was so obvious… like she tells him she is ready to kill anyone who is in her way and then offers him “intimidation-tea”… any sane person would not touch it… the Kitchen is magic (shouldn’t use the m word, but I have to) it truly is!!

    DUMPLINGS!!! It is dumplings this time!!! He is killing me with his taste in food!!! I wanna be food pals with Zachary!!! It looks like it will be so much fun!!!

    Eleanor and Simon is jus sooo sad…. can’t see each other for months or years if the step outside the room… and they can’t go thru a door together… it’s hurting me….so sad … so very very sad…. I almost screamed Noooo when Simon walked thru the door after Eleanor said it had been 6 months…..

    The Keeper is a keeper of many secrets indeed… he feels a little sad tho…. I feel like he has a tragic back story…. and I picture Alfred every time he comes up….

    And I want more Dorian..,. He has a lot of secrets and I wanna know them!!!

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