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The Starless Sea Readalong #4 ~ Written in the stars

(Image Courtesy -Uma @books.bags.burgers )

! SPOILER ALERT ! The following post contains spoilers for Book 4 - Written in the Stars of The Starless Sea. So unless you’ve read the chapters, DON’T PROCEED ! SPOILER ALERT !

-S P O I L E R S-

     Okay that crypt scene was haunting and creepy. Those cloth strips with texts around each mummy was morbidly fascinating.  AND EEP that message/clue he gets from the book that's falling apart! BUT SERIOUSLY, the scene gave me shivers.I was running with Ezra at the end after he sees the weird figure watching him. 

     Also I was going awww when he sent the I Love You note to the Kitchen. Seriously though, Food IS love. 

     I loved the conversation between Dorian and Ezra. These two are so adorable. I laughed at the -

"I would like to look at you seems like such an awkward request."

And wow the books translating down there and being able to understand all languages. GUYS FIND ME A DOOR TO THE STARLESS SEA. 

FINALLY A WARDROBE TO WALK THROUGH! Look it's the best part about Narnia and I love checking wardrobes for a path to a magical world. And this was gorgeous to read about. The fact they're like ghosts there, the beautiful music, all the literature surrounding them, it's all soooo magical. 

ALSO THE MOON STORY! I bet the innkeeper is the one she loves and that's why she asked Death, and Time to help! EEP MAGICAL AND ROMANTIC!

DORIAN AND EZRA! MY BOYS WERE ABOUT TO KISS WHEN THAT BIYATCH INTERRUPTED EVERYTHING. Look Dorian HAS TO BE safe okay? They were just having their moment no way this can end here!!

AND MORE ABOUT THE PAINTER! Allegra is the painter?? Like okay I so did not see that coming. What is that she saw that she wants to do all this damage? WHAT IS UP WITH HER??

The words in the star unicorn? it's the sword from the other tale about The Owl King right? And I think it's the same sword from the instructions Ezra found in the crypt. 

-L E T    U S   D I S C U S S -

What do you think will happen? Do you ship the boys?

Uma @books.bags.burgers  is a crazy albeit nice book dragon who when not decoding the human existence in secret labs, spends the day bemoaning her lack of pastel books and trying to make sure her TBR doesn't kill her overnight.


  • Kavya

    Dude. I died when Ezra was in the crypt and that moment where Dorian finishes the moon story for Ezra right before the chaos erupts… Dayummmmm…

  • Suparna Dey

    Again I loved this Moon and Innkeeper romance ❤️. I was like please be together at any cost please and Moon actually found way of that 😊. And I love the romance of Dorian and Zachary , like wow ! Storytelling in whispers close to his ear and then almost kissing !!!! I really need Dorian in my life as my boyfriend.

  • Belinda Smith

    A torn up page from the book?!?!? I thought they were lost forever… I get why Eleanor tore this page from the book… it’s so sad…. poor stag..🥺🥺

    A crypt!!! Zachary is led to a crypt!!! No wonder the cat ran away!!!!
    The strips of paper on the corpse was kinda sweet… I wonder who wrote them… could it be the Keeper… I felt sad for the guy who dint wanna be here any longer… did he die of natural causes or did he….. take his own life?? I shudder at the thought….

    “SON OF THE FORTUNE TELLER” OH MY GOD!!!! Zachary is super strong.,, I would’ve fled the moment I found out it was a crypt… “Find man”….?? Simon?

    Someone is following Zachary for a longtime!!!! I am getting the creeps…..

    Oh no….. whose nightmare is it?!?!? This book is getting scary!!

    The man who was searching for someone he dint know from the previous book was Simon?!!? Everything is about Eleanor and Simon?! Very confused…..
    Another nightmare!!!😣

    Zachary and Dorian solving mysteries!!! YES!!🥳🥳 … the man to be found is Simon….. but who wants him to be found? Why ask Zachary?? He liked the innkeeper and the moon story too…. Samesies Zachary!!✌🏻✌🏻

    Loving Zachary and Dorian….. need more…..

    That boy was Dorian!!! Wow!!! How did Mirabel change him???

    Loving the Narnia reference…

    The man lost in time..,, started the fire,,????

    The innkeeper and the moon story!!!! Time created the Starless Sea for the moon and her lover!!! I AM SHOOK!!

    Dorian has no timing at all!!! Come on!!!!

    Allegra tried to kill Dorian?! Why?!?!?! They fell?!?!? Nooooooooo !!!!!

    Allegra is the painter?!?!?! Why does she wanna shut this place out?!?! I don’t understand her!!!!!

  • Afreen Aftab

    OKay I finally finished book four and what a ride omg!! and you’re right about that interruption lol it came out of nowhere and I was like nooooo!! So many interesting stories, all the nightmares had me spooked not to mention the crypt and all the weird people Ezra encounters!!

  • Chanel

    Book 4:

    This was probably the shortest book in Starless Sea that we have read so far. I’m so SHOOK with all the things that just happened towards the end, I’m going to need some time to really collect myself and my thoughts. Also, DORIAN AND EZRA OMGGGGG. Okay.

    Revealing the lines and nightmares hidden between the scattered stars left by Eleanor was a very clever touch to the story. I’m very touched with all the thought put into the chapter and the revelations according. Also, of course, a literature centred plot is the only thing that is likely to have mummy’s wrapped in stories and poems. Though, again, that was a really nice touch, albeit it was a little spooky! I half expected the mummy’s to give Ezra a jump scare, but the ghost/figure he sees is scary enough. To my cat owners, since when did felines become to friendly? The Persian Cat, aka P.C., is the friendliest cat ever and the need to have a compilation of all the moments shared between P.C. and Ezra!! I have got to say this, some of the nightmares almost sounded like fragmented memories. Also, if the Keeper is the Innkeeper, much like I had previously suspected, then what was/is his relationship with Mirabel? Maybe it’s something innocent? Or there’s more to Mirabel then you would expect. I’m not a big Twilight fan, but to those who are familiar with it, she gives me Alice vibes! Ezra and The Kitchen have such a cute little thing going on too. So much wholesomeness! I wonder who handles the kitchen? At first I was confused about the painter since I used to think that it might be Mirabel, but this seems to make more sense, since Allegra has two different colored eyes, and this is slowly heading towards a more logical explanation. Also, I nearly SCREAMED when stupid Allegra took Dorian along with her! Not my story boi, especially since Dorian and Ezra were having a moment!

    This finally brings me to what I think might happen. As much as I love my conspiracy theories, this time I might be throwing more darts in the dark then ever. Part of me prays that Dorian is safe and doesn’t end up as the inevitable martyr of this story. Mirabel is missing and I’m curious why? We haven’t had a lot or any, in fact, scenes with Mirabel and Allegra in the same room, and I’m curious once more. Mirabel is the anti to Allegra, they both are parallel forces, and I wonder whether this means that they’re characters from the story that were against one and another. Reincarnations might be a stretch, but considering they tried to pull a Narnia on us, I’m willing to give this one a try. The Keeper has now become the silent spectator in spotlight, so, I’m expecting more of him in the upcoming Book 5 because I’ve questions and Ezra, certainly, has a lot of questions. Also, Allegra mentioned that someone might be happy about Ezra whereabouts? Is it possible that it might be his father, who is a something something? Again, it’s a stretch, but surprise twists are, yes, a surprise! I didn’t want to say this because it doesn’t make any sense to me…. yet but who knows, Mirabel and Allegra might be a Moon Vs Fate thing. Or, maybe Allegra found out the true reason behind the Starless Sea, and something about that didn’t sit right with her?

    Ahhh, so many theories and no strong enough answers. So much suspense and the readalong is slowly coming to an end :(

    Good luck, fellow readers! This has been a heck of a journey!

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