Weekly Game - Care of Magical Creatures

This lovely rhyme riddle is brought to you by Nandhini @Books_under_moonlight


Care of Magical Creatures


1) Small we may well be,

We are tree dwellers you see

As sentinels we stand for our tree

If there is a want for your wand, pay our fee or flee

Do you have wood lice or fairy eggs? Gee!



2) Slow and sluggish we squiggle

All Ron does when he sees us is niggle!

We like our cabbage and we like to wiggle

Come to us, we don’t bite, we just eat and wriggle

But don’t stuff us, we just eat little!



3) We are creatures of the water

We have horns and fangs, we don’t falter!

How we wish our green grips were better

For that’s what matters

When you try to barter



4) Smoky and smart we inhabit bogs

Oh lost traveller in a fog,

Our lanterns shall guide your clogs!

And see you through the smog

And then the fun begins, lets jog



5) Pure and precious, we are prized beings

killing us for your gain is terrible stealing

Young and trusty we are golden and gleaming

And when we are older, we are silvery sterling!

Our forms are ever pleasing



6) Bright and Blue we are mischief makers

Our tricks are treats and such crackers!

They call us breakers

Flying is fun especially when we are also lifters

Quite a handful we are, any takers?



7) Magical and mystical, we are loyal and true

Creatures like us are far and few

Loads or courage, whatever you drew

From your heart, we shall help you through

Our songs are hope, for even when we burn, we come again




8) Short and Snout, fluffy and furry

We love all that glitters Oh dear!

If lost prize is what you seek, never fear

For we will find it for you - for sure

But never try to tie us indoor and lure!



9) Dark equine creatures, we are unseen and we blend

Our sheen shall be seen only when you have seen an end

We cause no harm and yet we are feared, that’s the trend

Ride on us and we shall take you where you intend

Trustworthy steads that you can depend



10) Feisty and Fired up, like a fire crab

We sting, suck blood and cause scabs

Hybrids we are and we aren’t drab

Quite the opposite, difficult to grab

We are like scorpions with stingers, a fiery, fire crab


If you have found the answers, use the template provided in the Newsletter to share them on your stories. shoutouts to the first five correct answers on our account.


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  • Yesha Shah

    Wow! This was an awesome job done with the riddles!
    Took me a little while to get the answers for all since its been a while that I read HP.
    However, here you go:
    1. Bowtruckles
    2. Flobberworms
    3. Grindylows
    4. Hinkypunks
    5. Unicorns
    6. Pixies
    7. Phoenix
    8. Nifflers
    9. Thestrals
    10. Blast-ended skrewts
    Hope I am right or I will have to open my books again!
    Again awesome work! Stay safe!

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