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Weekly Game - Care of Magical Creatures

This lovely rhyme riddle is brought to you by Nandhini @Books_under_moonlight   Care of Magical Creatures   1) Small we may well be, We are tree dwellers you see As sentinels we stand for our tree If there is a want for your wand, pay our fee or flee Do you have wood lice or fairy eggs? Gee!     2) Slow and sluggish we squiggle All Ron does when he sees us is niggle! We like our cabbage and we like to wiggle Come to us, we don’t bite, we just eat and wriggle But don’t stuff us, we just eat little!     3) We are creatures of the water We have horns and fangs, we don’t falter!...

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~ Book Recommendations ~ types of people #3 - SUBJECTS

Hola book dragons! In this series of posts on our blog I recommend books based on Pinterest "types of people" aesthetic posts. I recently came across these pins and was inspired to do this. Hope you guys enjoy them! - LITERATURE AESTHETIC - ~ love notes scribbled on the desk, musty smell of libraries, Shakespearean tragedies, long braids, smell of ice cream, a fresh meadow, between the sheets in winter, long coats and flannel ~ The Secret History Follow six eccentric students through college, mayhem and murder while they study under a charismatic college professor. One of the most critically acclaimed dark academia books in Donna Tart's signature style, this book is a must read. ------ - MATH AESTHETIC - ~ calculations scribbled on the back of...

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~ Short Story Feature ~ #2

Today's short story is brought to you by the lovely Mahima of The Tale Teller who writes the best short stories really. ----- Photographic Memory By Mahima Khetiya “I have a photographic memory,” the old man living in the tiny, stinky studio apartment on 5th Avenue used to say to people. He said he remembered the engraved date on an old Picasso painting that he had once seen in an art gallery. He remembered every phone number he had dialed. He also remembered the day he had seen snow for the first time when he was a child. Not that people cared. People hardly cared about him. He had no one, except his own mind and a diseased cat that he had...

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~ Short Story Feature ~ #1

Today's short story is brought to you by the lovely Mahima of The Tale Teller ------ The Stars And The Ocean By Mahima Khetiya The stars and the seas have a love affair. They meet every night in the reflection, only marred by the waves that gently lapse over their meeting mirror. The stars often shake their glimmering locks, and moan about how they never really meet, and the seas curse the gravity and declare how in its absence, nothing could have ever stopped them from rising up, and touching the stars. They occasionally curse the moon, when the waves get violent, and disturb their sweet talk, just as two mortal lovers curse the phone line for bad reception. The...

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