Harry Potter Fandom Box

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Attention all Wizards & Witches, get ready for your 2nd Year at Hogwarts! 

Books n Beyond brings to you the Magical World of Hogwarts in form of a much-awaited Fandom Box and this year it's all about the - Chamber of Secrets. Shhhhh The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, enemies of the Heir....beware! 

This Box will be of Magical things, which you need to survive the Year 2 at Hogwarts. Almost Everything in this box is specially Customized for Books n Beyond and we can be very sure that nothing in this box is ordinary; 

There will be 2 variants of this Box: With and Without the Hardcover Book - The Chamber of Secrets- 20th Anniversary Edition. 

This one will be full of 9-10 premium high-quality Merchandise, revolving around your year at Hogwarts. Starting with a Proper Letter for the Second Years, we don't want to disclose much, but you may note that this box will contain: 

  • A 5 Star Funko Pop (yasssssss now you don't wanna miss it, do you) 
  • International Collaborations with the likes of Evie Bookish 
  • Something to do with Polyjuice Potion (we know you need it, another Big item)
  • Did we say there will an ode to Dobby? Hell yeah!
  • Not to forget Professor Gilderoy's -Magical Me
  • Something to do with Tom Riddle 
  • And also watch out for the Flying Car, Salazar Slytherins Monster and Fawkes

Phewwwwwwww...... we told ya, everything you need to survive your 2nd year at Hogwarts!

Click on top if you want this version of the Box without the Book. Otherwise, there is another variant available, with the Book. 

This box is worth over Rs.4200/- in retail value. However, you get it for Rs.1999/- only. 

**This Box will be dispatched in October 2018