Fable Box - Bundled Plan - Oct & Nov
Fable Box - Bundled Plan - Oct & Nov
Fable Box - Bundled Plan - Oct & Nov

Fable Box - Bundled Plan - Oct & Nov

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Fable - Bundled Plan

Fabled Book Boxes is a Unique way of Experiencing International New Releases which we Import specially from UK for our Subscribers. Each Fable Book Box has been Curated keeping in mind High and Premium Quality Standards which our Brand Books n Beyond is Famous for. 

This is a Exclusive Offer for our Bundled Plan Subscribers. There is an Additional 5% Discount on this plan + FREE SHIPPING (by using Code: FABLE)*

This Offer is Valid for a limited period only. The Single Purchase Bookings for these Fabled Boxes will open up Next month and thereafter. The Single Purchase plans will not have any discount or Free Shipping. 

* Using Code FABLE will give you a FREE SHIPPING upto ₹100/-

The Bundled Fable Book Box Plan Contains Fabled Book Box for October and One for November. Read on to know what the Boxes contain.

Fable - Limited Edition Book Box - October

We are Beyond excited to include one of the most anticipated reads of 2020 coming out in October and specially being Imported for you from UK - "Kingdom of the Wicked" by Kerri Maniscalco. 

This Le Petite Box will contain: 

  • The Hardcover of "Kingdom of the Wicked"
  • 2 Premium Literary Merchandise. One of them being designed by a very talented International Designer. We might reveal the Designer on our Social Media (Instagram & Facebook) next week. 

The concept of these Boxes are as such that we try to keep the designs and the merchandise a Secret for as long as we can. This mystery, enhances your experience when you receive your Book Box. 

The Single Purchase Plan for Fable - October will be priced at Rs. 1400/- 

Fable - Limited Edition Book Box - November

We are very excited to feature November Fabled Book: A magical new novel from the critically acclaimed bestselling author of the toymakers which will appeal to fans of Neil Gaiman and Erin Morgenstern's.

"Paris by Starlight" by Robert Dinsdale

This Le Petite Box will contain: 

  • The Hardcover of "Paris by Starlight" 
  • 2 Premium Literary Merchandise. Since this is a November Fable Box we will disclose the artist and/or the featured Product next month. 

The Single Purchase Plan for Fable - November will be priced at Rs. 1300/- 

These will be our LAST two Fable Boxes for the year 2020. Fable Book Box will have its own pretty Box and has been curated with utmost love and care by the people of India.


The Books are a Special Import for our readers and will reach us by October & November 2020 respectively. We shall be able to dispatch after we receive them in India. Timelines may be subject to change due to various reasons.

Please keep an eye on our Shipping Updates page here for latest information. 

Our Shipping Policy can be found by clicking here and our Refunds/Cancellation Policy can be found by clicking here.


The Total Retail Value of the Book Box which includes the Hardcover Imports and the Designer Merchandise far exceeds amount charged here, plus you get a Limited Time Period Discount.