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Goblet of Fire - Year 4 Box

Sale price Price Rs. 2,100.00 Regular price Rs. 4,500.00

Its time for one of the most awaited Box by Books n Beyond, and continuing our Tradition of Kick-Ass and Exclusively Curated Harry Potter Boxes, here is another one based on The Goblet of Fire - Year 4 at Hogwarts!

Please Read till the end, there are several important messages.

What is this Box About:

We are Pioneers at creating Exclusive Curated Book Boxes and Merchandise Only Boxes. Please visit our Past Boxes Section on the main page at the bottom or visit our Instagram Handle @booksnbeyondbox to see some pictures of the Boxes we have sent in the last 2 years!

We have curated: means created several High-Quality Items/Merchandise based on the Harry Potter- 4th Book - The Goblet of Fire.

All the Items/Merchandise in this Box are completely inspired by the Book written by J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter. All merchandise/artwork in this box will be a depiction of the events/characters from the Harry Potter Year 4 universe and will be designed by our group of Talented Designers.

What will this Box Contain:

This Box will contain 10-12 Premium quality items/merchandise inclusive of Big Fabric Items; Metal/Ceramic merchandise; New items, never done before and printables from Designers such as portraits etc and many more.

Most of the Items included in this Box have been EXCLUSIVELY created by our artists and will not be available separately anywhere. 

The Items will be Inspired by the 4th Year at Hogwarts when the Triwizard Tournament takes place, hence you can expect merchandise based on: 

  • Triwizard Tournament
  • Mad-Eye Moody
  • The Yule Ball
  • Durmstrang Wizarding School & Beauxbatons Academy of Magic & Of course Hogwarts
  • Quidditch World Cup
  • And many more

The Exact nature of items will be kept under the Constant Vigilance of Sir Mad-Eye Moody and a few Sneak Peeks will be disclosed later on our Social Media Handles and through our News Letter. 

 **Small Sneak Peek - There will definitely be a Port Key and a Dark Mark..and a Triwizard Cup...... shhhh don't tell anyone, Mad Eye Moody is well known for his temperaments. 

The Overall Retail Cost of the Box's individual items adds upto Rs.4500/- however you will be getting this Box for only Rs.2100/-

Important Information ahead, please Read:

  • This is a MERCHANDISE Only Box. It does not contain any Book. 
  • The Bookings of this Box will be open till June Mid or till Stocks Last
  • We have Limited Number of Boxes which can be made every time hence bookings will cease when we cross the Threshold of Boxes.
  • The Free Shipping Coupon is only Valid for Bookings done on 1st June & 2nd June 2019
  • Every item in the box will be Curated or Imported for the Box hence making the box will take its time. The TENTATIVE dispatch dates will be Mid of August 2019 (we can make it happen even much before if all items reach us on time) but that's the Tentative Timeline. 
  • We rely Highly on Email Communication hence all updates about your Box will be delivered to your Inbox from time to time. Please make sure you check it and also your Spam Folders. 
  • All artwork in this Box will be based on the Characters which are originally Owned by the Author and Warner Brothers. We don't own the Characters or the Story, we are just Inspired by them. 

 If you have read the entire thing and reached till here, Bravo, Now run and Book Your Box, we wouldn't want Viktor Krum to win the Triwizard Cup Right?