Harry Potter Fandom Box

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Year 3 @ Hogwarts


Based on one of the most Favourite Book - Prisoner of Azkaban, we present to you the much awaited - Harry Potter Year 3 at Hogwarts Box.

Come along with us on the Knight Bus and we will take you Anywhere, Everywhere, except under water. This box is a MUST for all Potterheads. We have exclusive and Premium Merchandise, that we are well known for. 

What will the Box Contain:

Well, we will be keeping most of the contents of the Box a Mystery to be solved slowly. but you can expect 5-7 High-Quality Premium Merchandise based on all the important part of the book including:

    • An Officially Licensed Full-Size FUNKO POP. You heard that right. A limited number of Funkos available for one of the Marauders*.

    The Rest of the Merchandise will include something or the other from the main touchpoints of the Book. 

    • Time Turner
    • Sirius Black
    • Buckbeak
    • Nimbus 2000
    • Dementors

    And Siriusly, so much more like The Grim, The Knight Bus etc etc. Most of the items will be exclusive to the Box and will be one of a Kind, not available anywhere else in the World. They will be a complete Books n Beyond exclusive.

    *(Those who book later may get some other Funko from the HP world) 

    Please Note:

    • This Box does not contain any book or any illustrated edition. This is ONLY a special and curated Merchandise Box.
    • This Box is expected to be dispatched by the end of April 2019
    • The retail price of all the items combined in the box is above Rs.4000/- but you are getting it at a discounted price of Rs.1999/- inclusive of Taxes and half charges for Shipping.

    We have a LIMITED number of Boxes and they will NOT be restocked. There will only be ONE batch of Bookings until the stock lasts.