Kindle Sleeves - Stardust

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Presenting the First & original branded Kindle Sleeve of India -made with  Premium Fabric and completely  Hand Made in a New Size.

This Sleeve is the perfect Fit for your Kindle, other Reading Devices and even smaller Paperback Books. You will still have space to fit in more. 

Limited Edition. Limited Numbers.

Please note, all our Book Sleeves are Hand Made and hence there are bound to be variations in the making of each Bleeve. A Stitch here and there are not anomaly but a part of the design and the artisans Hard Work. 


  • Material : Premium Cotton Fabric.
  • Size: 9/7 inches
  • Padded inside with premium quality Foam for safeguarding your books and Device 
  • Contains a Velcro Strip on top so that you can close the Bleeve